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Optimized Vanilla Textures (by MysticalFlare)

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The BA2 archive in the main file is named incorrectly. It should either be renamed OVT.ba2 or OVT - Textures.ba2 in order to be loaded by the game.

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Use of this mod doesn't make sense with using Fallout 4 HD Overhaul, so I intend to drop it.

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Vanilla --> Optimized Vanilla Textures --> Fallout 4 HD Overhaul


Vanilla-5.jpg   OVT-1.jpg F4-HDO-5.jpg 
Vanilla-48.jpg OVT-10.jpgF4-HDO-48.jpg
Vanilla-50.jpgOVT-11.jpg F4-HDO-50.jpg
Vanilla-53.jpg OVT-12.jpgF4-HDO-53.jpg
Vanilla-56.jpg OVT-13.jpgF4-HDO-56.jpg 
Vanilla-58.jpg OVT-14.jpgF4-HDO-58.jpg
Vanilla-60.jpg OVT-15.jpgF4-HDO-60.jpg
Vanilla-70.jpg OVT-16.jpgF4-HDO-70.jpg
Vanilla-74.jpg OVT-17.jpgF4-HDO-74.jpg
Vanilla-77.jpg OVT-18.jpgF4-HDO-77.jpg
Vanilla-78.jpg OVT-19.jpgF4-HDO-78.jpg
Vanilla-12.jpg OVT-2.jpgF4-HDO-12.jpg
Vanilla-91.jpg OVT-20.jpgF4-HDO-91.jpg
Vanilla-96.jpg OVT-21.jpgF4-HDO-96.jpg
Vanilla-98.jpg OVT-22.jpgF4-HDO-98.jpg
Vanilla-110.jpg OVT-27.jpgF4-HDO-110.jpg
Vanilla-111.jpg OVT-29.jpgF4-HDO-111.jpg
Vanilla-16.jpg OVT-3.jpgF4-HDO-16.jpg
Vanilla-112.jpg OVT-30.jpgF4-HDO-112.jpg
Vanilla-113.jpg OVT-31.jpgF4-HDO-113.jpg
Vanilla-114.jpg OVT-32.jpgF4-HDO-114.jpg
Vanilla-115.jpg OVT-33.jpgF4-HDO-115.jpg
Vanilla-118.jpg OVT-34.jpgF4-HDO-118.jpg
Vanilla-119.jpg OVT-35.jpgF4-HDO-119.jpg 
Vanilla-120.jpg OVT-36.jpgF4-HDO-120.jpg
Vanilla-24.jpg OVT-4.jpgF4-HDO-24.jpg
Vanilla-25.jpg OVT-5.jpgF4-HDO-25.jpg
Vanilla-30.jpg OVT-6.jpgF4-HDO-30.jpg
Vanilla-41.jpg OVT-7.jpgF4-HDO-41.jpg
Vanilla-46.jpg OVT-8.jpgF4-HDO-46.jpg
Vanilla-47.jpg OVT-9.jpgF4-HDO-47.jpg


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From the compares, a few conclusions can be made:

  • This mod overall is a texture performance optimization for those with lower VRAM. The main benefit can be seen in generally lower VRAM consumption, which will provide better performance on slower systems.
  • The main thing to compare is this mod against vanilla. From this, the main theme you can make out is the lowering of the normal map resolution, which makes some textures more blurry than vanilla. It is not very noticeable, but it is there. In all cases, the vanilla version will look slightly better.
  • Fallout 4 HD Overhaul provides higher fidelity versions, at the expense of higher VRAM usage. It doesn't make sense to combine these two mods, as all you will be doing is reverting textures back to vanilla.

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I was originally using this one at the top of Foundation and came to pretty much the same conclusion. It is a good mod and serves its purpose fairly well, but it is optimized vanilla textures for better performance on slower systems.

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