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Skyrim Project Optimization (by rgabriel15)


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Skyrim Project Optimization by rgabriel15
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This mod adds occlusion planes to many interiors in Skyrim, resulting in a vastly improved performance in those areas.

It's an ideal STEP candidate as it shouldn't conflict with any mods, the author pledged to keep it updated with support for many big mods out there and it improves performance with no perceivable loss of picture quality.

I highly recommend checking it out and including in the next STEP revision, if it passes the mod testing stage.

The preview of this mod has been featured in Realistic Lighting Overhaul already, but it's a separate mod with many improvements now.
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Are there any apparent differences in models, scenes. landscapes with and without this mod? (i.e., Is this completely unnoticeable but for performance?)


Does anyone have any benchmark data on it?


If yest to first and we get mod tester's examples of performance on second ... and if said testers create the mod page in full, then I will support this for STEP.

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As I mentioned on the Dev thread I've been using this since I started my new game and haven't found any issues that I can attribute to this mod. In TES5Edit the only conflict is with USKP and it's just the position of a few barrels in Solitude's Hall of the Dead; both mods simply move the barrels so they aren't colliding with a wall.

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Yep, from what I can tell, there is nothing that would indicate that this mod would in any way be a problem; however, we should at least determine if it is even necessary though by seeing if there is any performance increase, especially on limited systems. torminater said that it only affects interiors, which would lead me to believe that it may not have any noticeable impact. Exteriors are where users need performance improvements.


Perhaps if you can detect and improvement on your laptop, techangel ... after all this does use up a plugin slot, so it should at least be of some benefit to get into STEP

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I don't have any numbers or stats to equate specifically with it, but from a good several dozen tests of running through whiterun with and without this mod enabled the downstairs room in Jorrvaskr is noticeably smoother with the mod enabled. Without it I get small stutters as I move the camera around and new textures load when I first enter the hall. With it they go away and I experience next to none. FWIW.

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It helps the most with the populated interiors like taverns especially at night. Try it at the Bannered Mare and get about 5-10 FPS depending on time of day. If you already are at 60 FPS in most interiors like castles it will not help a ton.


From what I understand about Skyrim is that it already uses Occlusion Culling, but the author, rgabriel took it a bit further than Beth did. He did leave a list a of places that are optimized and a list of places that cannot be optimized here. His list is pretty extensive so testing all the interiors is going to take a while, but if we start with castles and taverns (night and day) it would probably give us a good idea about the performance impact. Looks like spreadsheet would work for this vs a ton of screenshots.

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