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TK HitStop


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Hi all,

I have been using a nice little mod for the last few days: TK HitStop


Basicly it give a "feeling" to actually physicly hit NPC and object. It doesn't pause the game or anything, it is just a camera effect that give you somekind of feedback when you hit something.

It i highly tweakable via MCM.

It could be a nice addition to STEP. Now I know when I am swinging my swords in the air and using my stamina for nothing :)

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I've been using this mod for quite a while now and I have to say that I don't know if I could play without it now. I left it at the recommended settings and even though the effect is fairly subtle, it definitely makes a difference. I would most certainly recommend trying it.

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Looks very interesting. Would love to implement this as it reminds me of the combat feel of the God of War games. I play a 2-handed barbarian and always felt the hits a little lacking in vanilla. Played around with it and agree the time settings of 1 is too much, 0.5 is a much better number for the stopping effect.


Possible bug:

In one test where my fps was low the hitstop was extended and a bit after the actual hit. The effect was more like a half second hitstop. Restarted the game and it was back to normal. Could not replicate the bug even running into a fps drop-heavy area or maximize my enb settings.

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My game crashes if I load Unofficial Skyrim Patch + TK HitStop (no other mods in load order) and leave Dragonsreach into Whiterun. Any ideas for a fix? I'd rather loose the Patch than HitStop.


untick USKP tick HitStop = no crash

tick USKP tick HitStop = crash

tick USKP untick HitStop = no crash


Tried various other mods like RWT, AOS, IHSS in different combination but all worked at Dragonsreach with USKP except HitStop.



May have been false alarm sorry. See post below.

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