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Falskaar (by AlexanderJVelicky)


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Falskaar by AlexanderJVelicky
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I've had this mod installed while testing STEP 2.0. It adds a new land with its own quests. My experience:

  • You arrive by entering a dwemer portal of unknown origin that is not fully explained, but is prophesied and you are now known as the Traveler. To me, this really seemed clunky and I wish it was expounded upon more.
  • You arrive in the main city and talk to the "king" or "Jarl." It seems there are multiple Jarls, but one king. This can be slightly confusing.
  • At one point in the main quest, the villain approaches with some men and strikes a deal with the king where he hands over something extremely important in exchange for not killing them outright, during which the player cannot interfere with the negotiations or change the outcome in any way, even if the player is powerful enough to have killed them all outright. 
  • In the end, you battle the villain in single combat as others look on. Once you "kill" him, however, he doesn't die. He is able to somehow reach his goal anyway, but right before he does so, a random dragon sweeps out of nowhere and kills him, and Falskaar is saved. This is probably my biggest gripe. In the end, there was absolutely no reason for doing the entire quest, as in the end, the villain is destroyed by a dragon of all things, and this outcome does not appear like it would have been any different if the Traveler hadn't shown up at all.
  • The world is large, but it is mostly forest. The western half of the map are Aspens. The eastern half are all evergreens. In between focus points/cities/dungeons, it just feels so empty. All trees. Bland even. Of course, with Aspen's Ablaze, the trees look gorgeous. There's just too many of them. The dungeons, on the other hand, are very detailed. All the interiors are quite detailed. Some could use better lighting, but overall the interiors are great. The exteriors, however, feel unpolished.
  • There is a random bandit sitting in the main city. His name is bandit. He doesn't attack you. I chose not to attack him, fearing it might break something. Later I believe this bandit is used as part of the quest. It is weird to hear him say "walk into the city a free man" while right there in the city.
  • Most of the enemies you fight are bandits.
  • During the quest, I came across the main villain standing outside a fort randomly. Of course, I saved, then attacked him outright. I quickly got his health down to nothing, but he was essential, so he didn't die. He didn't really acknowledge me. This is obviously a bug.
  • I don't know if I had a mod incompatibility, but the ship that is supposed to take you back to Skyrim was borked for me. I couldn't use it. I had to use console commands to return to Skyrim. Traveling by ship back to Falskaar worked perfectly, however.
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I had to do some research because I thought I had played Falskaar years ago but the outline DoubleYou gave wasn't jogging my memory. Now that I've somewhat remembered what this mod is about, I think DoubleYou is pretty much spot on. I also had the impression that the mountains were tossed into the middle of the map to force travel through the main road. There aren't that many points of interest that are not the main roads anyway. I think TechAngel85 pretty much sums it up nicely.

Also note that Falskaar Addons and Patches is available that adds fast travel markers to Falskaar and Skyrim and corrects some issues.I just happened to see it in the search when looking for Falskaar.

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