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Using Vokrii, Compatibility

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Hello, Has anyone tried adding Vokrii to this modlist ?

Vokrii - nexus link


Can someone please help me what I need to change in order for it to be compatible ?

I know it is compatible with "Smithing Perk Overhaul" and that There are patches for: "Trade and Barter", "Skyrim Alchemy Fixed", "Weapons and Armor Clutter Fixes", "Audio Overhaul for Skyrim", "Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered".

From what I can tell I can assume that it would not be good with "Lock Overhaul". I assume I might be able to remove those mods.


I personally prefer this mod to vanilla perks.

Thank you very much.

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I'm using it without any noticeable issues so far. I should mention however that I'm far from a master modder and I haven't exactly done an exhaustive test of everything.


First of all I disabled Smithing Perks Overhaul SE, because I prefer the Vokrii smithing perk tree.

I decided to keep CACO because it adds a lot more than just a new alchemy perk tree but this causes compatibility issues that need to be resolved.


There are patches available ready-made on Nexus for Vokrii and CCOR, WACCF, AOS and Trade&Barter as well as CACO but more on that later.

I use kryptopopyr's CCOR+Vokrii patch (which includes Umgak's WACCF+Vokrii Patch baked in) and Umgak's patches for Vokrii+AOS and Vokrii+Trade&barter.

From my understanding, those are all minor compatibility patches.


The only serious compatibility issue is with CACO. I only found one patch on Nexus that combined the CACO and Vokrii alchemy perk trees but I didn't like it so I opted to use CACO's alchemy perk tree instead of the Vokrii one. This has the added benefit of making sure all the new CACO stuff works, since I lack the experience and knowledge to really make my own proper patch. You just have to make sure CACO is loaded after Vokrii (I did this by adding my own custom meta data in LOOT but you can do it manually each time yourself).


The only manual patching I had to do is forwarding the Vokrii frost magic effects 000F3932, 000F3934, 000F3935 and 000F3936. CACO is loaded after Vokrii so we don't want it to be undoing these new magic effects. My understanding is that CACO is expecting the vanilla behavior of these perks where frost magic can freeze (paralyze) enemies whereas the Vokrii perks slow them instead.



EDIT: I haven't looked into the lock overhaul mod because I have it disabled too.

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