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  1. That did the trick! I changed the Emissive Color in NifSkope from pure white to a dark red, maroon kind of colour (#4c0000ff) and it looks much better already
  2. Okay, I understand, sorry to have triggered this rant xD. Removing the odd glow from the candle/mage light spells and the increased duration from playing as a mage with Vokrii meant that I would often still have a candlight floating around me when I would make it back to town. While entering breezehome to deposit my loot and take an in-game nap I would notice the odd flicker while going upstairs. (This is probably a better example than the belethor one. The door that the magelight passes through in my earlier belethor example wouldn't light up until you got close and/or ran past the door and briefly flicker) I set about to see if I can solve it and came across JawZ's suggestion regarding a similar issue in Markerth to use the ELFX meshes for the affected area. With hindsight I see there was no point bringing this up now that I know you are involved in the mod (I saw JawZ as the uploader but didn't read the "created by" on the nexus page because I'm blind apparently). I did manage to solve the breezehome stair flicker using this advice however! I totally understand your stance that using torches or candle/mage light in lit/inhabited interiors is not something that you will support.
  3. I've noticed some odd shadows flickering on occasion as I move the camera in certain areas. I managed to narrow it down to Relighting Skyrim - SSE. Best place to test it that I found was Belethor's Shop in Whiterun, you can see the comparison gifs here. It is more obvious the greater the difference in brightness, hence why it stands out with candlelight/magelight spell in particular. The same thing happens with torches too to a somewhat lesser extent. Reading the bug page for the mod leads me to believe that there are issues that will occur with odd lighting and flickering in certain areas and the mod author is aware of some of them and has decided not to fix them, or at least not yet. A response by the mod author to a bug report in Markarth lead me to try ELFX meshes as a possible solution. I thought I could be clever and only include the problematic meshes in Belethor's but that only yielded partial "results". Only way to make it work entirely is to also use the .esp, but this comes with a lot of other things that will alter the lightning look and feel that the STEP guide intended. Is there another possible solution that tweaks the light sources (torch or candle/mage light spells etc.) instead? If not, considering that the mod author seems reluctant to fix these issues, would a solution based on ELFX (or some other meshes) be a possibility for a future STEP update? Assuming ELFX doesn't introduce a bunch of new issues. EDIT: I'm really happy with the STEP L&W apart from this issue
  4. Ah, I kept getting 'Error: "Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp" has a lower load order than "Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp"' whenever I launched SSEEdit and had this issue on my to-do list. I have the same problem with adding GDO to the load after list of WACCF. I assume the faulty sort is due to the checksum being incorrect. Couldn't delete the existing checksum condition either Putting GDO as a requirement for WACCF in LOOT did the trick for me, but I don't know if this messes anything else up.
  5. Awesome, I DMd you the link with what you requested along with some notes
  6. While trying out Rustic Clutter Collection I discovered a minor issue with the Ruins Clutter Improved bloody silverware blood decal. The bloody silverware (2 goblets and 1 jug) has a strange glow in the dark look to them, as can be seen here. With vanilla Skyrim + Ruins Clutter Improved only: here. They look mostly fine when illuminated. In case the images don't do it justice, basically in very dark lightning you see clear red rings that don't make sense. Ruins Clutter Improved adds new meshes with a new blood decal to go with it and when I disable these meshes to properly try out Rustic Clutter Collection, which doesn't add new meshes and don't 100% fit the ruins clutter improved meshes, I discovered that Enhanced Blood Textures completely messes things up as can be seen here. So removing the new meshes, with or without new textures, makes things worse imo and therefore isn't a viable resolution to the glow-in-the-dark look. I tried modifying the new meshes in NifSkope but that yielded only very modest improvements. Does anyone know or have suggestions for how I can tweak the meshes or blood decal to reduce or eliminate the glow-in-the-dark blood? Alternatively, a fix for the enhanced blood textures+vanilla meshes blood would also be appreciated because I can then use Rustic Clutter instead. I should add that this is an accurate depiction of my nifskoping skills
  7. When you added xLODGen64.exe as an executable in MO you should have added an argument -o:"C:\Modding|xLODGen\xLODGen_Output\" if you followed the guide to the letter. This argument -o:"File path" is what tells the executable where to generate the output folder, so it should be there. You can also change the argument so it generates the output folder where you prefer. https://imgur.com/lFicLeZ
  8. Using your load order: CCOR SPO Vokrii CACO Indeed, it seems SPO's modified vanilla perk tree is compatible and works reasonably well with Vokrii. There are two minor issues I noticed in SSEEdit (verified quickly in-game using console commands): 1. The Dragon Smithing/Armor perk requires Ebony Smithing OR Glass Smithing but visually the Daedric Smithing Perk is placed between Ebony and Dragon. This is because SPO changes the perk to be placed after Arcane Smithing. 2. As I mentioned above, the Daedric Smithing perk requires Ebony Smithing AND Arcane Blacksmith, even though visually it doesn't show the Arcane Blacksmith link. These are just minor visual inconsistencies. There might be some other minor things, I didn't spend too much time going over the Advanced Armour Smithing perks in particular, but I'm fairly confident that they work correctly. You should check everything in SSEdit yourself to make sure though. SPO's new perk tree however is completely busted. While I have only spent about 20 hours actually playing the game (I have the modding itch rn ), I didn't encounter any issues using Vokrii (and various others). Since we have Vokrii set up mostly the same(You have SPO whereas I don't and I should mention I have Lock Overhaul SE installed I just didn't enable it in the MCM and didn't test it) so the mod(s) causing your issue is more likely to be one of the other ones. I'm not familiar with Sacrosanct or New Beginnings but I might install them and see if I can spot any issues EDIT: I didn't look at any of the scripts
  9. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, feel free to move it to wherever it belongs. A particular issue that has always bothered me has been the candlelight spell. I find the glow very annoying(way too bright) and it also gives you a psuedo night vision. Everything viewed through the glow of the candlelight spell is lit up, essentially making it an annoying night vision spell. I made two gifs, one at Jorrvaskr at night and another just outisde Whiterun with the Dark Cloudy Night weather. You can see them here. I found this small oldrim mod that removes the glow altogether. I've not had many hours playing with it yet because I'm still tweaking my modlist but it does what it says on the tin. There's no more annoying glow and the night vision is gone, the floating orb only illuminating your surroundings. Assuming there's no issues with it that I haven't encountered yet, it might make for a better mod than the 1st person candlelight fix, which just makes things worse. I felt I should mention this in case it wasn't just me that gets triggered by it EDIT: I should mention I don't use an ENB.
  10. I don't think I have a lot that can help, but since nobody else has replied to you yet I figured I might as well chip in. Unlikely to be the cause of your freezes, but you have smithing perks overhaul enabled with vokrii loaded after it. Unless you patched them they will very likely conflict, especially if you are using the new perk tree. Other than that, you may want to disable mods one at a time and have a good read through all the logs and see if you can pinpoint the troublesome mod. You did mention issues even with a full "vanilla" STEP setup however and I personally haven't had a single crash, freeze etc. during my gameplay sessions with my lightly tweaked STEP setup. So it's possible your problem is not caused by the additional mods at all. I actually enjoy problem solving, so if you do want to add the logs etc. I'll be happy to read through them and see if we can figure out your problem. EDIT: Just noticed that you also still have SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm in your plugins list. This should have been deleted/disabled after you finished generating the terrain LODs with xLODGen as per the guides instructions: "5. Remove the plugin placed in Overwrite from the Preparation steps." This is also unlikely the cause however, since the xLODGen author mentions that this plugin is harmless when loaded in-game.
  11. The xLODGen output folder is generated where you specified during the MO2 tool setup with the -o:"File Path" argument. That's -o:"C:\Modding\xLODGen\xLODGen_Output\" if you followed the guide to the letter. Just change that to where you want it to be generated. And yeah you are right about the plugin, just have to make sure it shows up in the tab and is enabled (check mark in the box).
  12. Now that "Divine Amulets and Daedric Rings" is removed in 0.3.0b, I wanted to mention that, in my opinion, Rustic Amulets by Gamwich would make a for a great addition! All the amulets are very much in keeping with the original vanilla looks. The only amulet that deviates somewhat is the Amulet of Mara, but even then it's minor and similar to how some of Ren's HD Shrines deviate from vanilla.
  13. I'm using it without any noticeable issues so far. I should mention however that I'm far from a master modder and I haven't exactly done an exhaustive test of everything. First of all I disabled Smithing Perks Overhaul SE, because I prefer the Vokrii smithing perk tree. I decided to keep CACO because it adds a lot more than just a new alchemy perk tree but this causes compatibility issues that need to be resolved. There are patches available ready-made on Nexus for Vokrii and CCOR, WACCF, AOS and Trade&Barter as well as CACO but more on that later. I use kryptopopyr's CCOR+Vokrii patch (which includes Umgak's WACCF+Vokrii Patch baked in) and Umgak's patches for Vokrii+AOS and Vokrii+Trade&barter. From my understanding, those are all minor compatibility patches. The only serious compatibility issue is with CACO. I only found one patch on Nexus that combined the CACO and Vokrii alchemy perk trees but I didn't like it so I opted to use CACO's alchemy perk tree instead of the Vokrii one. This has the added benefit of making sure all the new CACO stuff works, since I lack the experience and knowledge to really make my own proper patch. You just have to make sure CACO is loaded after Vokrii (I did this by adding my own custom meta data in LOOT but you can do it manually each time yourself). The only manual patching I had to do is forwarding the Vokrii frost magic effects 000F3932, 000F3934, 000F3935 and 000F3936. CACO is loaded after Vokrii so we don't want it to be undoing these new magic effects. My understanding is that CACO is expecting the vanilla behavior of these perks where frost magic can freeze (paralyze) enemies whereas the Vokrii perks slow them instead. https://imgur.com/a/PujHU4r EDIT: I haven't looked into the lock overhaul mod because I have it disabled too.
  14. Two more super minor things. I ended up with two GIST+Rustic Soulgems patches when updating. I think this is because moving from 0.2.0b to 0.3.0b the patch was moved from the GIST instruction to the Rustic Soulgems instruction. Will only affect those of us updating to 0.3.0b and LOOT makes it very clear that there are duplicate patches but I figure I should mention it. Lastly, on the Step SE CR Patch page, the default bump wait distances are actually (75/125) and not (75/150).
  15. The instructions for Useless Patches Collection will yield several .esp missing masters since ELE was removed. Also, the link to the Useless Patches Collection nexus page is broken.
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