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Can anyone tell me why we are supposed to check "Automatic Archive Invalidation", why we are supposed to UNcheck it when running BethINI, and when we are supposed to REcheck it (before or after Applying the INI Tweaks)?


I am trying to follow https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Kelmych/Fallout3_INIs


It says "Note that in addition to re-entering the INI tweaks, Archive Invalidation needs to be re-enabled for each MO Profile."

But it's not clear whether to do so at that point in the guide or to do it after re-entering the INI tweaks, or if it even matters.


Thanks in advance to whoever is willing to waste their time explaining this to me....

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Run BethINI as instructed in the guide, apply the tweaks linked in the Fallout INI and FalloutPrefs INI subguides, and then enable Archive Invalidation.

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