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Thieves Guild Requirements (by kryptopyr)


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Ok, this page needs to be moved to Thieves Guild Requirements, but that page already exists (there are two pages for this mod on the wiki), and I don't know how to do that. Also, are we recommending the beta or the stable file? I'm guessing the stable file.

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I'm wondering for STEP if you guys would consider a recommendation to lower the pickpocket requirement in the MCM settings. All other default requirements seem reasonable to me, but I remember when looking through the MCM settings, the pickpocket default seemed like an unreasonable number. Unfortunately, my computer is being repaired at the moment, so I can't verify the default value (I'm typing away on my phone atm), but IIRC, I think the default value was something like 100 pickpockets.


I do like this mod, for roleplay purposes, if not common sense, but IMHO not all thieves are necessarily amazing pickpockets. Most people I know who play Skyrim (that I have discussed this with) consider pickpocketing their least favourite part of the game, lol.


I would suggest 25 pickpockets as a recommendation. Obviously, this number is up to the user (personally, I think I set it to 10), but I think it makes more sense for a base recommendation than the default.


Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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