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  1. Dunno man, semantics maybe? I don't care either way, heh. Just passing on information that may be helpful to others who might have CTD issues with this option enabled.
  2. Yes, it is a widely reported issue on their nexus forum, and a bug has been filed showing that the script is being called so quickly that it isn't having enough time to execute before it is being called again.
  3. During heavy rain, if you approach an unopened dragon burial mound, you can CTD. Recommend the guide be updated to uncheck rain splash effects to avoid this bug.
  4. Seriously though, it's been years. Just save us the ESP slot and merge it into 2.10 STEP:Extended patch already :) Love your work folks; the above is a playful request, and not a demand by any means.
  5. And for that matter, is this something we should be watching for whenever we create a Merge Script plugin? Second, I've always assumed that we need to sort with LOOT prior to initiating the merge, so that the resulting merged file keeps the last entry from each record. Does it do it in a way so that if Mod A changes a record from vanilla, and Mod B uses the vanilla record, that when combined, the Mod A change is kept even though the Mod B record was lower in the load order prior to merge?
  6. You need to set the below in both fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles = 1
  7. Download the 1.3.5 version from Nexus and copy the hook.dll file into your 1.3.6 install directory (overwrite when prompted). You should be good to go.
  8. Yes, I've done it a few times myself. I'm suggesting a central, managed, known good merge by the experts so that hundreds (thousands?) of people don't need to reinvent the wheel themselves.
  9. Please consider a merged REGS Patch for your next update. Something that Fixes NSutR, RR, Riften NavFull, 3DNPC, & STEP Extended. Throw in SRLE as well and you give us back 4 ESP slots. If you are feeling ultra generous, a link to a merge of all the ETaC patches would save us upwards of another dozen slots... Please have pity on us poor ESP capped souls.
  10. I think at some point it is just going to make sense to merge the tables for the STEP guide and the DDSOpt recommendation, so that in one spot the user can see: Download Mod ABC, version X, resolution Y. Follow these special instructions, such as: hide the meshes folder, copy files 1, 2, and 5 and rename them, delete file 4 as the version from mod Foo is better. Set X special load order in BUM, create override to put it at the Bottom of LANDSCAPES Load in TES5Edit and clean up your ITM's, UDR's, etc. Find entry 003827492 for "Flaming Sword of Azule" and copy as override to Conflict Resolution.esp so that the stats are not overwritten by Jerry's Cold Swords textures. Run it through DDSOpt using these exact settings and load the resulting files in MO right afterwards. Heh...
  11. For those of us who can't wait, would this work? Remove the VMAD part of DLC2fcTernGo (FormID 0503CD8D) from the STEP Extended esp. Right clicked on it and select "Clean Masters".
  12. Hi Guys! When can we look forward to a version of the STEP Extended with Ars Metallica removed? I am having a heck of a time extracting it from my build.
  13. I cry because I am already pushing 255 esps with STEP Extended & SR:LE. I wish more of these great packs had merged ESP alternatives to help cut the numbers down and get even more great content in one of the greatest games of our time. Thanks for your hard work!
  14. Would be great to get a copy of the STEP Extended esp that drops the requirements for Ars Metallica. My load order is full up and merge patches in TES5Edit haven't been reliable. Also can take out Diverse Priests fix due to adoption of CCF.
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