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Fnvedit merged patch saying it's not there when it is.



The title kind of says it all. I just downloaded a new mod and redid my FNVEdit merged patch like you're meant to. But now, the save list in MO is saying my save files are missing FNV Merged Patch.esp, even though i gave the patch the exact same name. Can I still play the game? Or have I f****d up?

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More detail is needed. Logs, plugin list etc.


If MO is saying there is a missing plugin then more than likely there is a missing plugin, you may just be misinterpreting the information as to where it is.


As an aside, it isn't really a good idea to be adding/removing/merging mods midgame. Was this new mod so important that it needed to be added in now, and if so then why was it not already part of a merge? But that is not the crux of your issue, just examine carefully what information is giving you and backtrack to find where this plugin is.

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