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  1. Pretty much it; I've been told that moving Steam out of C: is better for it, but also that if I don't adjust my two MO installs-one for Skyrim, one for New Vegas-that I will, and I quote, "wreck your current profile". What do I need to change and to what?
  2. I didn't! I ran it standalone and MO wasn't running.
  3. So I heard about BethINI, and figured "that sounds useful". I downloaded it and as instructed went to Setup to select my MO profile. Under "Mod Organizer" it said ERROR, and didn't autodetect my profile. I tried to follow the link to his forum on the Nexus page, but it 404'd. Any ideas?
  4. Nexus gives me an installer, a Python source, and a manual download option for Wrye Bash. Which one do I use to make sure I'll be able to run Wrye from MO?
  5. So...if that's the case, will I be able to carry my previous mods over to MO2...or will I have to start a new game?
  6. Hello. I can't get MO to connect to the nexus. At all. I'm connected to the internet, I'm logged in to the Nexus, but the second I open MO it gives me the "login failed, try again? message. I input my data-correctly​-and it still says I'm not logged in. The logs say something about "host nmm.nexusmods.com not found" What is happening?
  7. Yeah, turns out the game works perfectly well and this wasn't a problem. Sorry for wasting your time.
  8. Is there a way to copy my mod list from MO to the internet? I don't know what you mean by logs. I haven't actually run the game to see if it works yet, so I'll do that after a while.
  9. I'll reply in more detail as soon as I get back from university. But I've been adding mods midgame for most of my play time and it hasn't caused any problems, so hopefully that won't be a problem.
  10. The title kind of says it all. I just downloaded a new mod and redid my FNVEdit merged patch like you're meant to. But now, the save list in MO is saying my save files are missing FNV Merged Patch.esp, even though i gave the patch the exact same name. Can I still play the game? Or have I f****d up?
  11. I wanted to download MO twice for Fallout New Vegas, but it won't install. The download works fine, but it won't install-it says "Error opening file for writing" then gives the name of whatever I was aiming to install it to with the option to Abort, Retry (which just gets the same error) or Ignore, which also just gives the same error. FNV is installed to the same external hard drive I'm attempting to install MO to. Help?
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