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[HELP] Dialog ZoomIn-ZoomOut bug !

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I followed the tutorial from A to Z, i even installed the "bonus" stuff provided on the other linked pages.


So i started a fresh new game fully modded. Got no crashes for 2 hours straight. So i was saying myself I did all good..


BUT i discovered Barton Thorn. You know the guy at the beginning, where this wife is trapped by some geckos and it result it's just a trap he set to kill you.. 


My problem is I CAN'T talk to him to trigger the quest. I got the zoom-in zoom-ou bug. Like we can talk to him but the game won't let do this..


So I deactivated all my mods and after, he was talking. So i assume i did something wrong and i found the problem. THE "CUT CONTENT MERGED" thing, like it's the begginning of the tutorial. This is the thing who break my game.


If i let all mods non-merged, he talks to me but if I create the "Cut Content Merged" thing he won't talk to me.


So here is my problem.


Thanks for your time !

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Have you sorted out your mods properly and applied proper bash tags to the merged esp?  If so, go into xedit to see if there's something conflicting with the merged esp.

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