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  1. NVSR functionality was kinda broken for W10 iirc so there were settings that needed to be changed. https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13355-what-were-the-recommend-settings-for-nvsr-on-windows-10/
  2. diasble everything related to game mode in Windows 10 settings and did you get the debately fixed settings for your NVSR ini?
  3. those are issues still inherently with the guide, nothing can fix most of these, ragdolls is supposed to fix those bodies but sometimes they don't ragdoll correctly even with the fix enabled via MCM and those stretched bodies still happen
  4. Are you using MO or MO2, if MO I remember you have to make sure the archives are being handled on the archives tab automatically and have them all checked for textures to load properly (there's also built in archive invalidation in MO remove that tool you downloaded and remove the file it generated.) Can't remember if MO2 has to do this too since i don't have a F&L install atm.
  5. because they were setup incorrectly if the mod folder is setup correctly, then it shows straight inside the data folder which should hold the meshes, textures, esp etc...
  6. Uhhhh You don't drag the .ini on the menu lol You drag it into the actual folder location via file explorer or through filetree, you should've noticed while installing the mod that the data folder was already set so you didn't need to create one. Just the other instructions were needed to be done.
  7. Just do it in file explorer if the Mod Manager is too confusing. Install the folder without having the right directories set and open the folder location in File Explorer, then do everything from there.
  8. These files havent' been updated since 2014, so no, you're probably doing something wrong. Screenshot your process.
  9. Read what I said again. If the folder layout is wrong something is going on with the file your installing. Look carefully at the screenshot above after setting the directory inside the folder of the Release 3 file.
  10. whoa, not having to set bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles to 1? I never knew that setting was a resource hog all this time
  11. Nope. Until it comes back up ur outta luck as STEP doesn't endorse unauthorized mod backups or links without explicit author permission. Until then, you'll have to make do with the new solution the guide has until it comes back.
  12. He basically just cleaned up things and removed shadowboost. Seriously, go search up biraitbit if you want something workable now.
  13. you have to create the directory as directed and move the ini file there to be able edit it
  14. That's because MO2 is able to properly pick up some of the folder structures a bit more properly so some mods that had to be set manually previously are able to find the data directory without a problem. Just install in order.
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