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  1. Hey Vurt, recently zDas managed to create 3d tree lods for SkyrimSE and we included it in the tucoguide as "IIIc. Trees Overhaul Option 3": https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/10694/? We use xlodgen for terrain lod and Dyndolod for objects and the trees. You can ping zDas on our discord here: https://discord.gg/tvjWjCr Thanks for all your great work! Currently enjoying your SS2 plants all the way through. Wysłane z mojego F8331 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  2. Hey there, finally reached the STEP site after changing to OpenDNS. Is xLODGen beta available on any alternative source? It works fantastic!
  3. Hey, this is a known bug with Mod Organizer 2.1.1. Will be fixed with 2.1.2. You can get a beta on the MO2 DEV Discord. I presume you are using MO2?
  4. Hey Lupus, good question. In my last attempt I deactivated Realistic Water 2 for the generation as it was a topic before that it can ruin the water LODs. Apart from that I had pretty much everything active, but I do not use Open Cities and most other mods that restrict too much the compatibility.
  5. Nowhere I can see an option to edit the post, so here's an excerpt from the logs: However NO DynDOLOd.esm or esp are created. HERE are the full logs. EDIT2: False alarm! Looked again in my directory and they are there... I do not know what windows did to me, first time such issue. I even went in and out of the folder and they weren't shown. Now I can see them. Strange but true. Please disregard.
  6. Hello. I was trying to find an answer to why no esp and esm files are created with the latest beta when using DynDOLOD64.exe, it did work with a previous beta, just tested it and it still does with the previous. Mod Organizer 2.1.2 here.
  7. I have it working alright. I close it after using tools and re-open it. I have described my experiences with it here, mainly for less experienced users: https://rd.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/10694?tab=description I am using MO2 for SkyrimSE and for Fallout 4. The games are heavily modded and I can play hours without a crash. Maybe the above link will be helpful.
  8. Hey, after the update I had problems running the game. First reinstall your GPU drivers. Just install over. Then install DirectX 9.0c. This might help
  9. Turn off the game's antialiasing. ENB has it's own and is conflicting
  10. If you press tilde to get into console you'll click on the funny triangle a refid will show. The first two digits of it is the mod number in your Plugin list I think. That might help you to pinpoint what mods need attention.
  11. It scratches my head why the heck it's not working for you. The very same symptoms I had with the installer version...
  12. Basicly what you have is the same thing I had with the exe version. Did you do it with the first version of WB I showed in the vid? Because I already changed it in the vid description to https://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/topic/4966-wrye-bash-all-games/&do=findComment&comment=166863 There follow the link "307 WIP Standalone" and get the python source.
  13. Hey, did you remove any leftover tempdir files (yes files, not folders) from your SkyrimSE Data folder? I can remember those files were created with the failed attempt of running it from the exe version. If you had any leftovers in Skyrim Special Edition\Data, this might be causing it. Please confirm.
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