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XCE - Warpaint and Dirt


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Nexus link:




This mod is basically an update for 'XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement'. Xenius had to use 512x512 textures for warpaint and whatnot in XCE because of game limitations.


'XCE - Warpaint and Dirt' can now, thanks to the latest version of SKSE, use the full 2048x2048 textures as Xenius originally intended.



So, do you think it's worth adding it to STEP?

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My only thing is why used such high resolutions for such a small thing in-game. 1024x would be the max for me on something like this as my 1GB VRAM limits me. It's like using 1024x textures for the eyes. What's the point for such a small object in-game? I realize that increased resolution means increased detail, but it's just too much for me and my machine to run 2048x textures on such small things.

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Xenius replied to my request for 1024k warpaint textures:


Unfortunately it appears the warpaint only works on the player character. As the textures are only 2.66MB each' date=' it shouldn't be much of a performance hit.[/quote']


Well, I guess that means that we arn't going to be seeing reduced resolution warpaints. However, unless you have so many VRAM-demanding mods, or are stacking ridiculous amounts of warpaints, then I guess it would be OK.

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