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Ebony Weapons 2017 Retexture (by OperatorCactus)


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I've liked the look of this so far - my only question is if Cabal did Ebony Weapons or not. If he did, then wouldn't it make more sense to keep his original textures, though? I like these, and they do fit well with the Cabal ebony armors, but you'd think if he wanted that kind of consistency, he'd do it himself.

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No, they're not. I had to check myself because I was a bit surprised. Only the armor and shield is covered by BoS.

OK thanks Tech I guess we'll be adding it to SRLE Extended LOTD then. That will teach me not to reject a mod without properly looking into it cos I just assumed BoS covered ebony weapons.

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The mod also changes meshes if I'm correct. Wouldn't that mess with DSR?

Edit: Only changes arrow meshes so there should be no issue with DSR nor require patching. Those meshes however conflict with leanwolf's better shaped weapons.
testing is needed to check if that ****s up the mapping of the textures

Edit 2: For some reason it also changes the cubemap of something chitin related: Textures/cubemaps/chitin_e.dds

Edit 3: Yes. The conflict with Leanwolf's better shaped weapons could potentially mess up the textures. Leanwolf's mod change the mesh of the quivers and arrows to make them longer according to the mod's description.
Testing is needed to see if the game stretches the texture or just the mapping is messed. And if the texture is stretched, how bad does it look?

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