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  1. question guys is the skyrim.ini tweak [MapMenu] uLockedObjectMapLOD=32 still advisedw hen using this mod?
  2. hey guys I have tried the new Road Generation tool but i am not sure i did it right cos roads aren't showing: Extract the ACMOS Road Generator tool anywhere and run. For "Path to LOD," browse to the xLODGEN Output folder. Click Generate. At the prompt to "Overwrite LOD Textures," choose Yes. Wait until it says "All Done!" and then close. Profit. I included the Log for you guys to look at Edit: I forgot to uncheck raise steepness for LOD32. log.log
  3. It been nearly 2 hours and DynDOLOD hasn't even finished I know DynDOLOD takes awhile but it usually done in about 45 mins for me not 2 hours.
  4. I disable xLODGEN output and was able to open the map no crashing. I reactived xLODGEN Output and crashed. I reactived xLODGEN bu removed Tamriel.8.-16.-48.DDS from xLODGEN output and didn't crash.
  5. Log shows no warnings. I crashes when I open the map so i wonder if there latest update of A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds broke something I will inform DoubleYou. I wasn't crashing with v2.0 of that mod so logical say something funky is going on with v2.1
  6. hey Sheson I have recently installed the A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds mod I have set Level32=1 in the DynDOLOD_SSE.ini. generation was successful however whenever i go in game I CTD .Netframework crash log indicates the the like problem is "Textures\Terrain\Tamriel\Tamriel.8.-16.-48.DDS", When i look that the winning assets is SEELODGEN_Output. Any advice on how to fix what be helpful.
  7. Ah I thought it did both nice to know for future referecne. As Always thanks DoubleYou.
  8. Thanks DoubleYou I have: [TerrainManager] bShowLODInEditor=1 fBlockLevel0Distance=75000.0000 fBlockLevel1Distance=140000.0000 fBlockMaximumDistance=300000.0000 fSplitDistanceMult=4.0000 fTreeLoadDistance=75000.0000 Edit: I had this set in the Skyrimcustom.ini I moved to Skyrimpref.ini and it look like that fixed it. Thou I Throught thing placed in Skyrimcustom.ini overwrote stuff in Skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini?
  9. hey sheson i have a issue with my distant Mountains that i can't figure out how to fix. I am preety sure it related to the Underside mesh but why and how to fix i don't know DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt TexGen_SSE_log.txt
  10. mmm hey Sheson I am getting an error with Alpha 57 saying that 7Zip is is unable to open the archive. Edit: Unable to open archive downloading via nexus can open via mega.
  11. [Window Title] DynDOLOD [Main Instruction] Error processing Meshes\architecture\whiterun\wrscaffold\wrscafguardtowerlarge01.nif: '-INF' is not a valid floating point value Skyrim.esm WRScafGuardTowerLarge01 [STAT:000684EB] [Exit DynDOLOD] [Footer] DynDOLOD FAQ | Support Forum | Copy message to clipboard bugreport.txt DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt
  12. that might be my issue I have been playing around with Grass LOd Generation and for some reason i chamge the height from 500 to 100. I will swap it back and rebuild Thanks Sheson Edit: yep swapping the height from 100 to 500 fixed it.
  13. Thought i solved this issue but i appears i havn't. I clicked on the mesh thing and the letad me to DynDOLOD.esp \ Worldspace \ 0000003C <Tamriel> \ 00000D74 \ Persistent \ D5323690 <Tamriel_Underside_DynDOLOD_NOLOD> . So it an issue with underside generation on the preset I am using.
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