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  1. For those reporting the seam lines in Ethereal Clouds, the latest 3.0 release purportedly fixes the issue.
  2. From my recollection, this problem is due to a bug in Cathedral Weather where the snow effect is misapplied to a couple of non-snowy weathers.
  3. The Metallurgy Patch is also covered by the FOMOD installer. It is on the screen with the CCOR patches, near the bottom of the 'Other' section. It isn't automatically checked because Metallurgy does not include an ESP file for the FOMOD to detect. I compared the contents of the standalone patch with what this option installs, and they look identical.
  4. A major update (2.0) for EVT was just released. The biggest change is that the options have been split out into multiple packages. For the benefit of any end user that sees this message before the official STEP instructions have been updated, I reproduced the current STEP setup as follows: Download the Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE main file (i.e. without a custom or lush option) & the Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE - Alternative Branch Textures optional file. The main file was installed with the options: Enhanced Vanilla Meshes Enhanced Tree Clutter (recommended) BillboardsThe optional file was installed with the options: 'No' SFO Branch Textures - Vanilla
  5. On a minor note, the 3.10 update to Majestic Mountains sets the ESM flag on the Moss esp out-of-the-box.
  6. Kryptopyr released Clothing & Clutter Fixes 2.0 today, and it looks to be a rather significant update. One thing that kryptotyr explicitly mentioned on the mod thread is that this update is incompatible with Appropriately Attired Jarls.
  7. This mod has been updated to include updates forwarded from the latest version of USLEEP. Additionally there is now a patch that forwards the USLEEP changes to Wiseman303's Trap Fixes. This version of the script has to override the version of the same script in Wiseman303's Trap Fixes. In my case, I preserved the existing mod order form the STEP guide and hid the version in Wiseman303's Trap Fixes.
  8. More of a side note than anything, but WSCO's successor, WICO, has been back ported to classic: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84898/
  9. I've loaded these in with my STEP 2.10 install to override the Book of Silence weapons, and not a single thing was overridden. As far as I can tell, Cabal didn't do the ebony weapons.
  10. This is a heads up that the recommended FinalA install is no longer available. All previous versions of RDO have been superseded by RDO v2.0 that was released today.
  11. While looking for a replacement for Better Beast Races, I stumbled on https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/7329/?. This is a female Khajit texture that was made to complement Coverkhajits. There is also a male version (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6192/?), but Better Males already takes care of that. With FAR in the mix, the only thing missing from the loss of BBR are the female khajit body textures. Admittedly its an old mod, but since STEP still uses Coverkhajits for the female face textures, I think its worth a look.
  12. The big one is Timing is Everything. I installed FISS with the mod author's own preset and it makes this significantly easier to manage, given the number of options. With FISS in the mix, one could provide a STEP preset for TiE to simplify things.
  13. To toss in my own observation, it looks like a good number of the unaccounted for textures are the scars, which do not appear to be included in WSCO as far as I can tell.
  14. I did combine the new SRO with the parallax pack from osmodius' PPR on classic Skyrim, and I haven't really noticed any serious issues with the combination yet. That being said, I have not been *everywhere* yet with this combo in place so I may yet stumble on a problem area. The ground can also look a little off sometimes, but I've noticed that with parallax terrain patches in general.
  15. While it sounds like you already have it figured out, I'll post a reply for the sake of anyone else who might see this thread in the future. Yes, you can drag Trees HD before SFO or drag SFO after Trees HD. As an alternative, you could also use the patch that I linked to and retain the STEP-recommended order.
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