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No Main Menu



So I fixed my earlier problem, only to have a new one.


I no longer have a main menu.


Now, I know, that usually means some outdated FormID.  Just deactivate mods, until you find the one causing the issue.


Well here's the problem.  I've deactivated EVERYTHING, and the problem still occurs.  


I can go to my Default MO profile and load up that way, but for some reason, just deactivating all mods in my C&PD profile won't do the same.  Makes think there's a different cause than usual.


EDIT:  Progress.  I've FOUND the main menu.  Sorta.  When I use the arrow keys, very thin boxes highlight on the far right side of the screen.  So it's there.  It's just unreadable.  

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EDIT:  Fixed by manually adding the INI edits for DarnUI.  For some reason, UIO wasn't doing it's job there.


And ANOTHER new problem.  Now, I can't turn past the Strength page of the SPECIAL book.  I can turn one page forward, and back, but no further, nor can I exit.


I'm even having this issue in my TTW build over in New Vegas.  Any idea what the actual hell?

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