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  1. That's the first time that log has ended with that (during this incident), I was hoping it was a good sign. Okay, so there isn't a problem anymore. Wonderful! I'd be a teensy bit happier if I knew what fixed it exactly, for the future, but I'll take the win. Thank you for your time. DynDOLOD is an amazing program.
  2. My other log file is too big to upload, even zipped. so here are the last lines. [00:46:50.502] Waiting for LODGenx64.exe to finish ... [00:46:55.552] Waiting for LODGenx64.exe to finish ... [00:47:00.606] Waiting for LODGenx64.exe to finish ... [00:47:05.657] Waiting for LODGenx64.exe to finish ... [00:47:10.705] Waiting for LODGenx64.exe to finish ... [00:47:15.764] Waiting for LODGenx64.exe to finish ... [00:47:20.847] Gave up waiting for D:\Mod Tools\DynDOLOD\Logs\LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.txt to become available. [00:47:20.910] Wait for LODGenx64.exe to finish by itself before closing DynDOLOD.exe [00:47:21.019] LODGenx64.exe for DLC2SolstheimWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.085] LODGenx64.exe for MarkarthWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.139] LODGenx64.exe for DLC01SoulCairn completed successfully [00:47:21.176] LODGenx64.exe for DLC2ApocryphaWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.212] LODGenx64.exe for SkuldafnWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.246] LODGenx64.exe for Dimfrost completed successfully [00:47:21.275] LODGenx64.exe for Sovngarde completed successfully [00:47:21.291] LODGenx64.exe for WyrmstoothWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.321] LODGenx64.exe for DeepwoodRedoubtWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.337] LODGenx64.exe for mannyGFO completed successfully [00:47:21.360] LODGenx64.exe for aaaWereBalokDungeonWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.377] LODGenx64.exe for DLC1HunterHQWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.396] LODGenx64.exe for Blackreach completed successfully [00:47:21.409] LODGenx64.exe for DLC01FalmerValley completed successfully [00:47:21.425] LODGenx64.exe for Falskaar completed successfully [00:47:21.444] LODGenx64.exe for JaphetsFollyWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.459] LODGenx64.exe for PalePass completed successfully [00:47:21.471] LODGenx64.exe for TOKMountainPassWorld completed successfully [00:47:21.488] LODGenx64.exe for mannyGFL completed successfully [00:47:21.507] LODGenx64.exe for mannyGFDesert completed successfully [00:47:21.520] [00:47:21.535] [00:47:21.550] DynDOLOD Worlds completed successfully. [03:44:22.814] [45:05] Saving: DynDOLOD.esm [03:44:27.001] [45:09] Saving: DynDOLOD.esp [03:44:32.624] [45:15] Done saving.
  3. I regenerated DynDOLOD with files outside the MO2 file structure. Reinstalled C++, confirmed windows handles memory page file already, AV disabled. Problem persists. EDIT: It uses about 80% of my memory, at least when its at the "waiting" stage. LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.txt
  4. So i'm trying to get DynDOLOD to work, and am having an unusual issue. Basically, it runs for about 30 minutes, and everything's fine. it gets to what looks like the end, and it just starts repeated "Waiting for LODGen64.exe to finish" every 20-ish seconds for 15 minutes, until it gives up, saying its timed out waiting for "LODGen_SSE_Tamriel.log" to release, and then it finishes. If I tell it to save, then it closes, out but a command prompt window stays open. I was told to have patience, to let it close on its own, and if i do, it just stays there, never changing. I let it sit for an additional 45 minutes, and it never closed. If I close the window manually (what I did the last time), it reports errors in static lod objects. Oh, and i've read the aforementioned log, it doesn't report any kind of error, it just... stops, usually mid-line, about generating an object. LODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.txt
  5. So i'm having an odd issue with DynDOLOD. it keeps freezing up at the 4 minute mark when creating texture atlas. I've deleted DynDOLOD and the Resources files, re-downloaded them them to make sure i had the right version (2.64), re-installed them, made sure the cache directory was empty except for the text file, deleted the 2 snow lod files from the Resources file, then ran again, according to the finishing line page. Happened again. headscratch So I deleted all my LOD and billboard mods and reinstalled them. Re-downloaded the apps and resource files. Tried building again. xLODGen, and TexGen worked fine, but Dyndolod freezes on the same point and will sit there for over an hour until I force-close it. EDIT: Attempt #3, with the output folder relocated to root directory seems to have done the trick. Waiting for the process to finish, but this is further than the last 2 attempts.
  6. I'm rudimentary with xEdit at best, I'm afraid. I'll try to get down to Super-Duper Mart for that screencap. There's usually a couple of them there.
  7. Basically, some characters have pale white bodies in the armor sets that expose a lot of skin, such as the raiders. Their heads and hands are all correct though. I've double-checked that I've got Archive Invalidation check in Mod Organizer. So I'm not sure what the problem is. I'll post a screencap of a corpse as soon as I encounter another one. Basically, it's the old "pale head" issue, only inverted.
  8. So a couple of things. I couldn't get the Modkit/Modkitchen to repckage "Lore Friendly Witchers", so I just dumped all the different Geralt mods and replaced them with the "Butcher of Blaviken" mod which seems to do most of the same things, but as an AOI package. My main issue is that for some reason Friendly Meditation is not merging properly with Friendly HUD, Friendly Stash, or Preparations. I had to make a lot of manual merges (6+) on top of the two the guide advises, and I have no idea if I made the right call.
  9. Yeah, if I didn't already have 2/3rds of my GOG library downloaded and installed via galaxy, i'd ditch it, because *that* was super-annoying. I wasted a day and half trying to figure out why *certain* mods would only work 1 time out of 5.
  10. Well, I found the issue, purely by accident. Basically, to get mods to work properly with a GOG Galaxy installation of the Witcher 2, you have to actually run the game through GOG Galaxy. I had been using the icon created by Galaxy during the installation process. Why in the name of Zeus' bunghole that matters in the slightest, I have no idea, but apparently it does. I'm now going to run all GOG games through Galaxy, just in case.
  11. I'm having a really weird issue. I can't tell if FCR2 is working properly . I've loaded into a new game, and some things, such as the skills, seem to be working fine. But the items are still showing up as their vanilla selves. I've deactivated and reactivated the "acts" in the Mod manager from the launcher several times. I did manage to get it to work right *once* where all the items displayed properly. So i tossed on the graphics mods, and it broke again, and nothing I do will fix it. The kicker? I can copy this installation over to my laptop (both Games and Documents directories) and it works fine on my laptop.
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