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xCALIBR.esm vs CALIBR.esm



When installing eXcalibr -ammo eXpansion pack, you instruct: "Double click the mod in the left pane of MO and move CALIBR.esm to Optional ESPs; FWE provides this plugin".


   However, the esm in eXcalibr mod is xCALIBR.esm not CALIBR.esm (that indeed is the one FWE provides). The 20th Century Weapon Pack patch requires xCALIBR.esm also. So what's the correct procedure?

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The instructions in the guide are correct:

  • The eXcalibr mod includes both xCALIBR.esm and CALIBR.esm. The instructions only say to move CALIBR.esm to optional esps; xCALIBR.esm isn't mentioned and remains.
  • The FWE mod includes CALIBR.esm; FWE does not include xCALIBR.esm.
  • The 20th Century weapons mod includes CALIBR.esm, and the instructions say that it should not be installed.
  • The "20th Century Wpns -Plus- Reborn for FWE 603-WMK for FWE-Calibrv14-eXcalibrv23" mod includes CALIBR.esm and the instruction say this plugin should be deleted.

The version of CALIBR.esm used in the game is from FWE and the version of xCALIBR.esm used in the game is from eXcalibr - ammo eXpansion pack.

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