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  1. The guide telle us to make an aditional merge patch to cover those areas the bashed patch didn't. Should I include every plugin in my load order, incluiding the bashed patch?
  2. Yes, the master file and the sortomatic are the versions I'm using.
  3. Hello, I am having a problem that is driving me crazy. I've been playing NV with no problems. I just finished clearing New Bison Hotel from convicts and now everytine I try to repair an item from my Pip Boy, I get an runtime error. Until this point I was repairing my items without any issue. If I'm going back to some old saves, the repair function is working again, but eventually the problem reappears around the same point, sometime after getting the hotel free of Powder Gangers. It is always like this: open my Pip boy, highlight the item I want to repair/mantain and press R, the Repair window opens listing the items I could use to repair it, the very moment I click one of those, the Runtime Error happens. Aside of this problem, I can play normally. It's really hard to try to pinpoint if it's a mod problem because the Repair has been working perfectly until this point and it's not clear the precise moment it starts to happen. I know it happens after I clear the hotel, but it's not inmediately after because I sucessfully have repaired items after that point, but it's around that time when it starts to happening. I am clueless as what to do. Any ideas?
  4. Nevermind. I went through MCM and I noticed I hadn't enabled the extra HUD elements, so obviously not matter how crazy I'll go ticking "always on" or "in combat" and pressing "I" or the r-mouse button, of course they wouldn't appear on screen. I guess after spending hours building a mod list and testing, it's a good idea to switch off and come back to the game after a good night sleep.
  5. Yes, I went through all the MCM options that I could find. Next time I play, I'll do it again, but I'll write down what I'm doing, step by step, and post it here. Maybe then you can point me out if I'm doing something wrong or the problem lies elsewhere. And about your observations about my load order: 1. Yes, the only alteration I did was to move Merged Plugins after the bash patch following the guide instructions. LOOT placed it mid-way in the load order. 2. It was put in its current position by LOOT, that tells me the masterlist is up to date (shrugs). I'll move it to the top. 3. Thanks for letting me know that. 4. Really? It was a last minute addition because I was looking for solutions for the freezing problems I'm having lately, and my google search mentioned this plugin in the very same list that 4GB patch, NVSR and NVAC. I'll bow to your expertise and kick it out. I apologise MonoAccipite. Actually, I debated with myself before clicking "Post" if maybe I should put an emoticon to better show the tongue-in-cheek tone of my reply, and decided that would be a bit overkill and not really needed. Big success there :facepalm:
  6. Sorry, I don't know how to do the Spoiler thing to cover the wall of text. This is my load order: Add spoiler tags like this: [spoiler] Paste wall of text here... [/spoiler]
  7. Hello, I don't know what I am doing wrong, but some configured elements never showed up, no matter how I configured them. Things like Primary Needs indicators, the clock, encumbrance , radiation, etc. Dynamic crosshair, health, weapon status and ammo work flawlessly, but not the others, even if I tick Always On. Any ideas?
  8. It's working now. I just used Steam launcher and exited it, and now everything works fine.
  9. Hello everyone, I've been spending the last few days building a modlist following F&LNV. After installing a series of mods, start up the game and running around for a while checking everything was fine and had no problems at all. Today I was in the finishing stages: generate bash tags and build the bashed patch. After everything was done I tried to launch New Vegas and this message showed: "Unable set current dir to current to game dir. The system cannot find the path specified" Previous to that I've been able to lauch the game through 4Gb via MO without problems. Switching profiles in MO, or even shutting down MO and trying to launch 4GB directly from the game directory bears the exact same result. If I use NVSE launcher via mod the game launches without problem. Any ideas?
  10. I'll let you now that Queued has uploaded a beta version of NVAC that, quote, "should fix the Windows 10 Anniversary Update + up-to-date Nvidia / AMD video driver crashes / issues for the following: Fallout New Vegas, Fallout New Vegas No Gore (German), Fallout 3 and Oblivion". I won't be trying myself anytime soon because after almost expending almost two months (that included a full holiday week) in making FO3 working, the mere idea of any extra tinkering fills me with cold sweat, shivers and a need to cuddle on the floor and whimper, but i'm sure it could be useful for a lot of people if it works as intended.
  11. I know it happens to other too, but it seems I'm the unluckiest one when it comes to reaching the sweet cursed spot. You have to do a lot of juggling and merging when 140 is the limit, specially if like me, you like to add a lot of content for exploration and quests. Believe me, at this point, having a limit of "only" 180 plugins it's something I see like a golden dream, let alone the 255 we are suposed to have.
  12. Thanks a lot, Kelmych. That was the last boulder on the road to start my new playthrough. Finally, I'm ready to go after a month and a half of deciding to play this beloved game again. For some mysteriously dark reasons, my copy of Fallout 3 seems to think to be FNV, i.e. starts working wonkily when approaching 140 active plugins. It took me a lot, but I ended up with a modlist that I'm really happy with. Let's hope gaming goes as smoothly as the final testing. Edit: Now that I think about it, if you merged DIFF.esp, DIFF WMK.esp and CPD_Ingestible_Patch.esp, you need also to change masters in the TWPC dealing with DIFF, right? Or the changes in your patch made that specific TWPC unneeded?
  13. So, I just saw the mention of purified water not quenching thirst. Do we have a solution for that? You talk of a manual patch after the bashed patch but no further instructions are provided. Will it work if I simply delete references to purified water in the DIFF.esp. I'm happy to trade off the unique icon for the thirst quenching effects.
  14. Well, I'm using FWE and PPA so I guess I'm Ok then. Thanks.
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