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FNV and Windows 10 crash on start [SOLVED - nVidia]



I have a totally clean vanilla, unmodded FNV GOTY Steam install and can't get it to launch a New Game under Windows 10. I just get the "Program has stopped working" crash to desktop. I last played it when I had Win8 but (like many of you) have come back to FNV after my (brief) FO4 experience and I am on Win10 now.


1. I have verified the Steam Install.

2. I have cleared the .inis and allowed the Launcher to make new ones.

3. The Launcher shows the splash screens, the Ranger with his pistol and the menus.

4. Selecting New Game starts the intro movie.

5. After the movie (or pressing Esc), the game attempts to load the official ESPs for a fraction of a second

6. Windows pops up the "Program has stopped working" box and "searches" for a solution.


I wondered if it was anything to do with old DirectX files or Games for Windows Live (which is discontinued).


Any thoughts?

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Thanks, Audley - that was it.


I checked the 372.70 drivers and they do NOT fix the FO3/FNV crash on start that was introduced with 372.54 so I grabbed DDU and 368.81 from NVidia and booted into safe mode. One quick DDU later and I was able to install 368.81. Another reboot and FNV loaded perfectly as expected so I am now back into the F&L guide on a clean install.


SOLUTION : DDU and install 368.81 until NVidia announce that the drivers are fixed.

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I made a post about this a while back, but I don't think many people saw it. Are you using the latest Nvidia drivers (372.54)? If so, they will cause tons of problems including crashing at startup alongside with graphical artifacting in-game. Roll back to the previous drivers (clean install with DDU) and see if that fixes it. Nvidia is working on a fix last I heard.

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