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Weird/inconsistent lighting



So I've got some really weird lighting on some places. I got RWLE as recommended by the guide (and also because I personally liked it). Only now I realized there's something wrong in some places, because RWLE like other weather/lighting mods (like Fellout and others) supposedly make nights actually dark (or even darker as preferred) and remove the yellow tint when it's morning. Thing is, in some places it became unnaturally (in terms of the mods usage) dark when it's morning AND unnaturally bright when it's night. Below are screenshots taken in Camp McCarran.


This is McCarran at night:




This is McCarran in the morning:



Meanwhile, right outside of McCarran (at night, notice that I used mid powered FULL COLORED night vision because it's really dark):



And this is right outside McCarran in the morning:



This is also a problem in the second part of Freeside (where the Silver Rush, the Atomic Wrangler, and the Kings are located), and also in the Lucky 38's Cocktail Lounge.


Any suggestion on how to solve this problem, please?


On side note: I also used DYNAVISION 3 and putting it right above RWLE in the left pane of MO, if that's (part of) the problem.

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There are a few exceptions to having RWLE last in line in this guide. You'll want to make LOOT rules for Pip-Boy Light Colours and the Tweaks and Fixes Merge from the guide to load after RWLE, so that the moon size tweak and the alterations for the Pip Boy light won't be overwritten. It won't effect anything in RWLE besides these changes. 

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