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  1. Alright, so I checked in FNVEdit, the Spice of Life plugins where Duffle Bags and other backpacks originated from, specifically 1nivVSLarmor.esp. I ticked it together with Jsawyer Ultimate.esp, and it doesn't seem to have any conflict at all. In addition, I re-checked Jsawyer Ultimate Edition Patches in the Nexus, and it's stated that JSUE does NOT conflict with Spice of Life, so it doesn't need compatibility patch at all *sigh*. Anyway, I take a look at FNVEdit, and something in 1nivVSLarmor.esp is bothering me, specifically under Object Effect tab. The editor ID for Duffle Bag is 1nivVSLEnchDuffleBag, with Form ID of 08013038, and it has the Magnitude of 55 under EFID - Base Effect of Carry Weight, yet for some reason there's also the AAAEnchDuffleBag with Form ID of 0801D0D8 which has the Duration of 55, rather than its' Magnitude. And it's only this one item in Object Effect. The other backpacks, for instance for both 1nivVSLEnchDuffleBagL which is Large Duffle Bag, doesn't have this conflict with its AAAEnchDuffleBagL counterpart in which both have the Magnitude of 65, instead of like with regular Duffle Bag which has the conflicting Effect of Magnitude 55 vs Duration 55.
  2. Hi. So, I've bought a duffle bag from Chet, but it doesn't show any of the Carry Weight Bonus in Effects like it supposed to, and it doesn't increase my Carry Weight at all, too. Yet, as soon as I reach 50 points short toward my maximum carry weight, the bag would begin to apply Agility penalty on my character (for instance, if I have 150 max carry weight, reaching 100 carry weight would apply -1 AGI, if I have 200 max carry weight, reaching 150 carry weight do the same). Haven't checked with other kinds of backpacks, but I fear it's just the same. Is it because I have Jsawyer Ultimate Edition + all the necessary patches? I installed nearly all of the mods from F&L, and then installed JSUE+patches near the very end before making Bashed Patch. Should I try finding the FormID for Duffle Bag/Backpacks and make a Merged Patch/Custom Override plugin? Cheers.
  3. I'm actually curious on the Generate Bash Tags step during Post-Installation Checklist. Along the way from the very start of the guide, some merged mods had their bash tags generated already. Do we have to generate bash tags for this plugins again on post-installation or can we just skip them?
  4. Alright, thanks a lot. Now that I get to look at it, for some reason some of the .bsa in the Archives tab were unchecked. I've applied all of the steps in TTW Performance Guide and it worked fine so far. Gotta back to installing all of the mods once again. Cheers.
  5. Well, the wiki for F&LNV specified that I have to setup the MO's folder in New Vegas root folder. Oh well, if I don't have to, I can just put it somewhere and it won't get ****ed? Also, what's graphic driver's overlay software, or any example of that? I'm not sure I have one. Have you checked TTW Performance Guide I linked before? It requires me to install Nvidia Profile Inspector. Does that counts as graphic driver's overlay software? Oh, and also, I can't access the wiki.step-project. Keep getting Network Error for the last 2 days now, is it down? Cheers.
  6. I don't know where I ****ed up. Long story short, I was modding NV again through MO and using F&L guide from a clean install. It was going fine and all until I got to the point of having installed all of the body replacer mods, at this point for some reason the immersive hud mod or something (which is part of oHud iirc) was not working properly because HP, Compass, Action Points, and Ammos are showing regardless of my setting. I probably happened to missclick the hotkey to show it, but trying to clicking the hotkey doesn't really work because throwing spears show up and got hidden as I click the hotkey constantly. I tried reinstalling the UI mods, but it doesn't really work at all (and now that I think about it, I'm sure it was because I forgot I have to uninstall and reinstall some of the UI mods as noted by the guide). In a fit of frustration, I nuked the entire thing, since I'm not that far into modding the game. I uninstalled NV through Steam, got rid of whatever left of it on SteamApps folder (including the previous setup from modding through MO), restored the game via backup files I kept in my external hard drive, verified the game's cache/files, and launched the game through Steam once to let it setup .ini files. Basically, wiped the slate clean to begin modding again. This time around, I was following the guide through setting up MO, when I remembered an old game's optimizing guide made by TTW team https://taleoftwowastelands.com/content/ttw-performance-guide I asked one of the members if I have to edit 2 of the 3 .ini files through MO, and yes I have to edit the .ini files through MO with the aforementioned edits I have to include to optimize game's performance. So I get back to setting up F&L modding guide all the way to the Fixes section, at least installing NVSR, and together with editing the .ini files through MO, I also throw in the edits mentioned by the performance guide, and also edited the fallout_default.ini in NV root folder. I was stopping at the Performance Guide's step #5 when I want to check how's the game doing by launching the NV.exe through MO, and then..... nothing. The game launched, it was black screen, but nothing, there's not even any sound at all. I can't end task the game through task manager, I have to shut down or restart every time. I thought the edits from Performance Guide is ******* with it, so I deleted all of the edits from the performance guide in the .ini files through MO, even reverting fallout_default.ini back to its initial state. The game still doesn't want to launch properly. Still black screen, no sound, and I can't end task through task manager so I have to shut down/restart every time. Is the game, if modded through MO, won't really work if I only manage to go until halfway through Fixes section? I haven't installed YUP + UP+, the left pane of MO only have JIP LN, NVAC, and NVSR so far. On completely unrelated note, JIP LN, NVAC, and NVSR are all NVSE's extra plugins, right? So, do I have to manually install them all into NVSE's folder in NV's Data Folder, or is it okay installing them through MO? Because looking at NVSE's folder right now, with all 3 plugins installed through MO, the file seemed like it's untouched. Anyway, thank you for your attention, guys.
  7. Is there no edit button? Wanted to clarify that it's actually the entirety of the Freeside affected by this problem, not just half of it.
  8. So I've got some really weird lighting on some places. I got RWLE as recommended by the guide (and also because I personally liked it). Only now I realized there's something wrong in some places, because RWLE like other weather/lighting mods (like Fellout and others) supposedly make nights actually dark (or even darker as preferred) and remove the yellow tint when it's morning. Thing is, in some places it became unnaturally (in terms of the mods usage) dark when it's morning AND unnaturally bright when it's night. Below are screenshots taken in Camp McCarran. This is McCarran at night: This is McCarran in the morning: Meanwhile, right outside of McCarran (at night, notice that I used mid powered FULL COLORED night vision because it's really dark): And this is right outside McCarran in the morning: This is also a problem in the second part of Freeside (where the Silver Rush, the Atomic Wrangler, and the Kings are located), and also in the Lucky 38's Cocktail Lounge. Any suggestion on how to solve this problem, please? On side note: I also used DYNAVISION 3 and putting it right above RWLE in the left pane of MO, if that's (part of) the problem.
  9. Ah, alright. Thanks a lot, man! I'll finish this playthrough and then shove NVR3 where FCO supposed to be. If there's anymore problem, I'm gonna let you know. Cheers
  10. Ah, I see. Yeah, I'm gonna install NVR3 for a new playthrough after I'm done with this one. Thanks a lot, I'm gonna use the magic of MO :D but, just in case, should I re-install Machienzo's first? Edit: Eh, I guess I misunderstood what you mean with "If you're doing a new playthrough you can just use the wonder of Mod Organizer to shove NVR3 (and the FCO version TheHermit recommends) into where the guide has positioned FCO." Now that I've read it again, does this simply means I've to re-install the entire Fear and Loathing in New Vegas mods, and then follow TheHermit's instruction to install NVR3 in place of F&L's recommended FCO? :confused:
  11. Oh wow, sweet! I'm probably gonna uninstall NVR2 after this playthrough. Do I have to repeat the entire installation for F&L mods from the start or can I just immediately try to install NVR3 right away for my next playthrough? I'm going to try to use resurrect command. As for plugins, I'm not sure which one I should multiply by 16. If it's the leftmost number under the Mod count (which have the hex numbers), then it's 4x16 = 64 (Bashed patch's hex number is 4E). If it's the leftmost number under Priority count, then it's 9x16 = 144 :/ Edit: The resurrect command doesn't work :/ or perhaps did I do it wrong? I'm also a noob in using console command. I clicked Francine and immediately typed resurrect but nothing happened. Perhaps it really doesn't work?
  12. I copied the Items to NVR (and also to its' esp(s) merged plugin). And then I deleted the Items in Machienzo's. They are still naked even after using console command :/ Anyway, some of the data under NVR and its' merged plugin now have some appears red. Should I just re-install Machienzo Merged Mods (re-installing the mods, and then re-merged them)? Edit: As an update, now the same thing happened to Old Ben. I checked his record (0015968a) with FNVedit and, oddly enough, there is no modification since none of my plugins seemed to edit him (despite he literally appears different due to NVR). Since it seems like this is gonna be too much work to fix, because there's a possibility that I might encounter more people in Freeside and the Strip being naked because of Refined Casino and NVR possibly in conflict, I'm gonna just let this one slide and finish this current playthrough. If it's possible, is it okay if I install New Vegas Redesigned 3 in the future, since NVR3 requires FCO? I know F&L in NV are arranged to work with the listed mods, but I liked Redesigned more than FCO. Cheers ^^
  13. I'm sorry since I'm a noob with FNVEdit, but is red means the mods edit something in those records? I've checked and yes, NVR appears red over Machienzo's (in Record Header and Object Bounds), but only in James's record, it doesn't appear red in Francine's record despite their value the exact same (the red value in James's record were the exact same with that of Francine's, but with Francine's it doesn't appears red). Also, I merged the esp(s) of NVR. What should I do next?
  14. So I followed the steps to install the Refined Casino People and Suits, then merged it into Machienzo's. Then I arrived in Atomic Wrangler and found that both James and Francine Garret wears no clothing. I searched the forum and it seemed it happened once, but the other guy experience the entire Atomic Wrangler wears nothing and some other, while I only experienced it with the Garret Twins (this far, I haven't checked the other casinos). I did rushed to Freeside by going immediately north of Goodsprings, if that helps. Also, iirc James never wear any glasses. Now he did, although that might be because I installed New Vegas Redesigned 2, instead of Fallout Character Overhaul? Is there any way to solve this? Thank you.
  15. Thanks, it worked. Apparently, when I [Apply Script] to the newly re-Merged Yuki Mods, one of the tags was missing. I can't remember if that happened the first time, let alone if I noticed it. So I manually add the tags through Wrye Flash NV. Now it's done Thanks a lot, mate!
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