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  1. I was planning on giving it a proper update, but the STEP 3.0 has given me some doubts. I'm not sure I want to dedicate time to something that will just be removed, and I'm not sure I have the ability to find a new place to host either. Best I can do is probably try to keep my weapons pack alive on the Nexus.
  2. Hi, Tech. Glad you've found a system that suits what you guys need going forward. I have a couple of questions though: What does this system portend for guides made for games that are not supported by Mod Picker? i.e. Morrowind, Oblivion, FONV, FO3 et cetera. Will guides that no longer have an active author will simply disappear? e.g. SRB has not been active since October last year, but I am unsure whether I have the time to move F&L over to a new system with the commencement of my studies, would that mean the guide will simply vanish?
  3. I've added some new stuff to the guide. Will probably take a look at that LOD mod as well, later on. I'm just doing things here and there at the moment.
  4. Make sure that copying assets is ticked in Merge Plugins, and that you downloaded both the main file and the update file for Gas Pumps of New Vegas (the update file made by me and a couple of others does not include the meshes).
  5. This usually has to do with the renderer having difficulties setting the resolution properly. To identify if this is the problem, try launching windowed. If it is the case, check the INIs for resolution settings and see that they are correct. I gradually moved up in resolution with the launcher until it worked properly for me. If your resolution does not seem to be the culprit, try deleting your INIs, launching from steam (that won't use MO INIs) with proper launcher settings, and then copying the newly generated INIs from your documents folder to the ones used in MO.
  6. 1. Sounds like you got the install order right, but I'm unsure whether you can include NS in the merge considering other dependencies. Might want to merge the patch and not the main file. 2. Yes, keep them ticked. If you followed the instructions there should be no additional plugins from them. EDIT: Out of curiosity, why did PN feel like FO4 to you?
  7. PtWB (author of JSawyer Ultimate) never really recommended using PN with any of his mods, as I recall. He mostly felt they replaced PN. I'm not sure I feel the same, but it's been a long while since I looked at JSU and he's notably dropped the egregious economy overhaul, so it looks like a pretty good mod now. You'll have to decide whether you think it replaces it fully or not on your own, but a lot of mods in F&L might be built around PN (and some of the modules certainly add features JSU don't have at all) so keep that in mind. Dropping a mod mid-playthrough might not be ideal, depending on how script heavy it is. Have you tried the Nevada Skies config in-game? Rains are pretty rare, seeing as it is a desert and all... best rule of thumb is to add, not remove, after starting a game. But you can always try the latter at your own risk.
  8. Check the Nexus page for Realistic Wasteland Lighting, there's a file called RWL - Brighter Nights All 3 versions. Grab that.
  9. RWL's current dark setting was added after all the screenshots for the file (always compare those to the file version) so if that is what you're comparing with, it might give you the wrong impression. There is an optional for the previously brighter nights though. Try that if you haven't already. I think that might have an effect on light brightness too, but it was updated after I stopped playing, so I don't know for sure. FPS issues is very hard for me to say. Could be CPU issue, since it happens when scripts usually run (combat/flashlight). I think there are optimised textures on the Nexus if you can't get DDSOpt to work, they should yield a similar result. FNVLODGen improves you visuals a lot, especially with mods that add things, so I'd really recommend that, but I don't know whether the instructions are up to date.
  10. Moving it over to the normal ELE plugin might not be too difficult, just need to copy and paste the values in xEdit. I'll see if I can get to it before I leave on holiday in a couple of days.
  11. I did this at 4AM. I'd done about half of it when I realised it was based on the merge...
  12. I made a patch that adds ELE imagespaces and lighting templates to Arthmoor's Villages if anyone's interested. It relies on the ELE Merged.esp you make in the merged section and includes Telengard, but that can easily be altered if you load it up with a dummy plugin and remove the Telengard cells. Might make one for JK's Skyrim at one point too.
  13. I've updated ADAM Reborn to fix whatever bugs I could without having access to 3D software. Don't really have time to update the guide anymore, but it should install the same way as before.
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