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  1. I like JSawyer Ult, and I tried running with it for a while. Problem is that there are a number of conflicts with NV Uncut, at least as far as the F&L merge goes. JSawyer adds cut content like NPCs as well, which makes for twins. The cut Wasteland Adventurer at the crossroads between Goodsprings/Primm is oneyou can easily check. I don't actually encounter FPS issues with PN, and I know this is relative by system. I do find that it *feels* like it effects FPS with it's speed adjustment. Something about it makes the screen hitch just a little. Setting running speed to vanilla helps me.
  2. The file I've added for LOD resources is no longer needed. It looks like I'm doing updates for the mod for the foreseeable future, and I've updated the mod with the fixes. I'll be working on support for the dead version as well.
  3. I just updated the original link, and leaving it here, with the bush fix included. I'm going to try and contact the author to have him use these or upload them myself. Also, to be more specific about my last post, here's the Pipboy Colours Robert's fix on Nexus. It has a fomod installer for all of the colors for Pipboy Light Colours included. I see that you're basically retiring EssArrBee, so I don't mind either way. I do want to say that this is a wonderful guide, it's made my playtime with NV fantastic and kudos to you and Mono.
  4. Sure, no problem. Feel free to use the other things I posted here a few pages back if they seem useful as well. I think people have been looking for a pipboy light color / Roberts patch, and I made it specifically for people using this guide, with all colors included.
  5. Ah, that's me. I also redid the normal maps, as they were colored incorrectly and made the trees shine a bright yellow color in low light.
  6. Do you mean the options menu? If you have portions greyed out, then you missed the bugfix for MCM. I think you're missing a lot of little things from the guide. The guide is fairly comprehensive with few issues on it's own, but if you miss things it'll take time to track them down.
  7. Pandore: all of your issues seem to be small user errors. 1) Doc Mitchell and walls is probably a bad setting in enblocal/enbseries/hardwareAA/other NV settings. It is not missing textures, those are purple. It's not missing meshes, those are big red diamonds with an exclamation mark. Check out this link for settings. Keep in mind that "fix transparency= true" will render some of Spice of Life's clothing invisible. 2) If you're having a HUD issue then you're missing some part of the guide's instructions. This one can be a bit difficult to troubleshoot. Every time you open the game with UIO, it creates a file in your overwrite that is directly related to your UI changes. Every time you make a change, I suggest deleting these files and reinstalling UI, as the installer detects your changes. 3) I suspect your last issue is not the pip boy texture, but related to #1. If you have issues with your install, try using Modwatch to create a detailed and easily accessible look at your installation. When using this, direct the tool to your profile in you MO folder you are trying to troubleshoot. I suspect that you've just missed a few simple things in the guide or strayed beyond it.
  8. If you use the patch available from the FO3/NV patch downloads section- not the newer enb/enboost download, you can have memory management without having to sacrifice AA. I use all the LOD improvements available, so I do cross the 4 gb threshold on occasion. Note that this isn't as effective with the Win 8/10 dx9 limit. I read that someone has gotten in touch with a Microsoft dev on that issue, btw. Looks like we can expect a fix a few months down the road.
  9. Your MergePlugins isn't set to copy general assets, so you're both just getting the merged plugin, or you're using the xedit merge script. *Edit* Didn't see that majorman has his ticked. I've never ran into this issue personally. Maybe check that all the integrations are set properly?
  10. I've only ever AWOP in a TTW loadout, and I don't think I ever actually touched it. I watched Gopher play through some of it, and it didn't seem all that interesting to me, at least not enough to search out all the compatibility patches and look at it hard in xedit.
  11. Add the tags manually. I'd also suggest looking at the suggested tags in Loot and adding those, if you're detail oriented. Also, I set my lod improvement esps and the Game Tweaks.esp to load after the bashed patch because bash never seems to apply the moon size tweak (overridden by RWLE, which Loot rightfully puts at the end) or actually carry along all of LODGen's changes.
  12. Those ENBs work as well as any others, it depends on your taste. There's a new one out for the weather, Nevada ENB that seems to look good. I don't use ENB on the Fallouts because it's abandoned and the AA and AO sucks. Because there's no way to adjust for weather, so you'll have weirdly washed out storm clouds with RWL/RWLE, no matter what your preset. Using RWL until RWLE is up and running would be my suggestion. It doesn't add the extra storms and such, but it's got basically the same lighting and additional clouds. I've been working on a reshade preset for RWL/RWLE that I am getting really happy with. The nights are a bit darker, the days are a bit brighter, and the lighting for dawn/dusk is pretty great. If you want, you can try it out. I have the enblocal included for linking the reshade library, so adjust how you need to. I suggest getting the FO3/FONV patch from enbdev, so you can have the memory tweak and still have AA.
  13. Alright. The fix for the Robert's Arm patch and Pip-boy light colors is a go. As in the dropbox link, it has a fomod installer where you can select what color you're running with.
  14. I've made a patch for Robert's and Pip-Boy Colours, in case anyone wants any of the optional colors, without the clipping. I'll leave this link here until I get permission to put it up on Nexus. Oh, and through some sort of telepathy, I had the same exact idea as this guy, and I upsized my loading screens and tweaked them a bit. I think mine are a little crisper, and I covered the main title screen and company screens, so if anyone wants them, have at it. I sent him a PM about using any of these he might like better, or to fill in any gaps, but I haven't heard back.
  15. I've been having this issue as well, and I can confirm that running it in compatibility mode for Win 7 fixes it... on Win 7. I dual boot and running it with default settings on Win 10 presents no problems. However, on Win 7 I had repeated crashes until I made this change.
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