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FNV: Medium Camo Backpack bug



I'm not sure if these backpacks are vanilla or added by some mod (first time I'm playing New Vegas), BUT...


When I'm wearing this backpack (only one I have so I don't know if it's general bug) it changes my outfit (graphically, 3rd person only), and it seems like I can stack what ever apparel I have when I wear it.

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Soooooo ... gonna dig up this thread, sorry guys.


Have the same problem in my new playthrough.


Bought one Medium Camo Backpack in Goodsprings from Chet.

As soon I equip it, my 3rd person clothes changes to some kind of duster.




As long I have this backpack equiped, I can equip as many clothing as I want.

So, Leather Armor, Powder Ganger Armour, numerous headgear, etc.


All at the same time, everything stacks, including stat-effects.


Tried looking into FNVEdit, but my skills on this are quite low and I couldnt figure it out.

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Sorry for double posting, but I think I found the bug.

Did compare the original 1nivVSLAmors.esp with the one provided by the F&L Guide for the PN and SOL Backpack Comp.


The F&L version got an entry in the BIPL - Biped Model List, using a reference to the backpack repair list.


Removing this one line fixed it for me.


Had a glimpse over some of the other backpacks and they seemed fine.

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