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  1. Just use the current version on Nexus. Sadly the F&L guide is not up-to-date at this state.
  2. Looks like it's up and running again. Happens sometimes
  3. NV Anti Crash is already covered by the F&L guide
  4. LOOT crashes for me all the time. On start-up and when running the sorting function. I'm just restarting the damn thing over and over again, until it does the job. Sometimes it crashes 10-20 times, sometimes it doesn't once.
  5. My money is also on RWLE. Had almost the same look, when using RWLE. Pissed me off and I started using Nevada Skies.
  6. So, Interior Lighting Overhaul has the same problems for interiors? Sometimes ground textures indoors, like newspaper, turns dark. Don't have any screens sadly.
  7. AA / AF off, ENBoost without effect active. So, Electro-City effs it up for me? Anything you can do about it? Or is the only possible solution to remove the mod?
  8. Got some issues with the ground textures these days. Regarding where I stand or from what angle I look at them, the ground textures turn dark. https://imgur.com/I3FminY https://imgur.com/W1c1Zup Don't think it's an issue with NMC / P o j o / etc., more something to do with settings. But I don't know where to look.
  9. Noticed EXE was added to the guide. It should be noted, that it (accidentally) overwrites the "Improved LOD Noise Texture" mod. Weijiesen confirmed this on Nexus and the LOD file of EXE should be deleted / hidden / not installed.
  10. Fallout New Vegas\Mod Organizer\mods\One HUD - oHUD\menus\main inside the MO folder you can find the file
  11. Did you deactivated "Water Displacement" under Water in the FNV Launcher?
  12. JIPs CC&C has an option to make companions non-essential -> they can die
  13. There's also a FCO + YUP Compatibility Patch (sadly only for YUP version 10.4) and for NCR Trooper Overhaul. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/61689/? I'd like to use FCO or NVR, but it looks like, they're kinda of always conflicting with other stuff.
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