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Compatibility Patch for cellHUD and Vaultgirl UI missing



I wanted to use cellHUD with the Vaultgirl UI but it seems the compatibility patch is now gone. Is there a mirror for that? Not a big deal if I can't use both those mods I just thought I'd let it be known that it's unavailable. 


Also this isn't related but I'm starting to run out of disk space on my SSD from New Vegas/ModOrganizer getting so large! Is it okay to delete the mods in the downloads folder for ModOrganizer? Also I want to move New Vegas to my HDD if it won't screw anything up just so I won't have to worry about space anymore.


Thanks in advance for the help! :D

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You can delete the files in the Downloads folder, although it may be more convenient to move them to another drive so you don't have to download them again.


In fact, you can move Mod Organizer's download folder to another drive fairly easily. Just make a new folder on another drive, move everything in the ModOrganizer/Downloads folder to the new location, click the Settings icon (wrench and screwdriver), check Advanced in the General tab, and then select the new folder you created earlier in the Download Directory box.

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Thanks, I'll try it right now.


Another question while we're here: Whenever I aim a gun in first person it's instantaneous, the gun basically teleports up and it's really jarring, do you know what could cause this? This hasn't happened before.


EDIT: could I just copy everything in the game folder and move it to the new location first? Then uninstall it through steam, reinstall in the new location, and finally drop MO in?

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