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  1. Okay so I figured out the problem! In the Modify Executables menu I had the 'Start in' box filled set to: G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 goty\Mopy\bash Deleting that and leaving the box blank solved the issue and now it will start up, I don't know why that was filled in but, whatever, now it works. Thank you Greg for replying!
  2. Well I tried moving Wrye Flash out of the game folder and steam directory but it wouldn't work, stating it needs to be in the game folder: Traceback (most recent call last): File "Wrye Flash Launcher.pyw", line 32, in <module> File "bash\bash.pyo", line 294, in main File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 36362, in initBosh File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 36104, in initDirs File "bash\bosh.pyo", line 36015, in getFalloutPathbash.bolt.BoltError: Install ErrorFailed to find Fallout3.exe in G:\Fallout 3 Modding\Wrye Flash.Note that the Mopy folder should be in the same folder as Fallout3.exe. Mod Organizer is not installed in the game folder either.
  3. Ok I will try that, I thought Wrye Flash needed to be installed in the game folder though? It says to put it there in the guide. Thanks for responding!
  4. When I try and start Wrye Flash through MO I get an error: "See the logfile: 'G:\Steamlibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 goty\Mopy\Wrye Flash.exe.log' for details" This is what is in the log file: Traceback (most recent call last): File "Wrye Flash Launcher.pyw", line 32, in <module> File "bash\bash.pyo", line 305, in main File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 82, in load_module File "bash\basher.pyo", line 461, in <module> File "bash\basher.pyo", line 425, in __init__ File "bash\balt.pyo", line 125, in __init__bash.bolt.ArgumentError: Missing resource file: G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 goty\Mopy\bash\bash\images\checkbox_purple_on.png. But when I start Wrye Flash from within the Mopy folder it starts up fine. I'm not really sure what's going on here.. Also LOOT is frequently crashing when I start it through MO ):
  5. Never mind, it was because of Vanilla HUD Remastered.
  6. I followed these instructions at the end of the Better High Detail Map and Icons entry: "If the crosshair from Small Crosshair is preferred (vs. the one from this mod), after installation, double click on the mod in the left pane of MO and select the Filetree tab. Open textures\interface and right click the interfaceshared0.dds file and select hide. Close the window." But I still have the vanilla cross hair, I tried reinstalling the small dot cross hair but that didn't work either. What should I do? Thank you.
  7. I haven't played in a couple months (since June) and haven't messed with the game at all. New Vegas crashes every time I try and load a save and I've tried multiple save files. Could it be the Windows 10 update?
  8. It's happening at the Crimson Caravan too. I disabled ENBoost and it's still there.
  9. Here is a screenshot: https://imgur.com/pa3qp6O Any idea what could cause this?
  10. yes, rebuilding the bashed patch did it! Thank you guys for helping a noobie.
  11. I think I installed FCO incorrectly because some of the asian female heads have an all purple/pink texture. A lot of the heads are the same as others and some look vanilla. How can I fix this?
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