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Using JSawyer and CCO and F&LNV

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I know that they are not in the Fear and Loathing guide, but I was wondering the feasibility of integrating JSawyer - Ultimate Edition and Cirosans Classic Overhaul into the recommended mods? Both are now compatible with Project Nevada, and have really interesting features. JSawyer seems like a good collection of fixes and tweaks coming directly from the original game designer. Cirosans mod looks really good too, I really like the VATS changes and the companion limit set to Charisma/2, which is strangely missing from Project Nevada (especially since it was in Fallout 3 Wanders Edition). 


Basically, before I take the time to install, test, and play these mods, I was wondering why they were excluded from the list. I am hoping that I can benefit from wisdom of others before I waste my time.


Also, I am somewhere better than a beginner but worse than an expert at FNVedit. I was wondering the feasibility of extracting these features from these mods.

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  1. Cirosans: Can't say, haven't heard of it before. Might have been because the plugin number was much higher than it currently is before we switched to Merge Plugins Standalone, might have been because SRB didn't think it was worth including, or because he hadn't heard of it (like me). In any case it was before my time.
  2. JSawyer - Ultimate Edition wasn't around the last time I had the time to update the guide.
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