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  1. I finally figured out the issue. It somehow the player gets "stuck" in the Kyne's Peace faction, whether through the animal allegiance shout, Kynarth's blessing, or otherwise. You can see if the below fix will work by opening the console in 3rd person view, clicking your player character, and typing the following: getfactionrank e0d58 If the console reports a value greater than or equal to 0, type the following in the console: setfactionrank e0d58 -1
  2. Okay my suspicion is that a AI package or something similar that makes natural creatures hostile is getting turned off during certain quests and occasions. Interestingly I can count Chaurus among affected creatures. I there a way to reboot enemy AI through console command?
  3. Shadriss, okay my suspicion is that a AI package or something similar that makes natural creatures hostile is getting turned off during certain quests and occasions. Interestingly I can count Chaurus among affected creatures. I there a way to reboot enemy AI through console command?
  4. I had a bug that I thought I successfully troubleshot, diagnose, and fix, only to reappear on me later. Please see my OP and most recent post here: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13616-oldrim-step-new-game-animals-not-hostile/ BTW: the link buttons aren't working above, weird... Any help is appreciated. Is so annoying seeing a bear charge at me on my horse just to lay down in front of me.
  5. Ok, I have actually had this issue REAPPEAR in game twice again! At level 30, during the quest, A Night to Remember, I got attacked by bears, sabre cats, and pit wolves as normal during the trip to Morvunskar, then upon leaving all "natural" wildlife would run up to me as if they were hostile, and then just sit there... sometimes they would growl, but would definitely not attack... not even a red dot on the compass. Interestingly, I didn't real the problem until a few unrelated quests later, and I just went back through my save files, loading the most recent untested save and running outside to see what the wildlife did. Unfortunately I didn't have a save inside Movunskar or the Misty Grove, but I did have one very shortly after the game teleports you out of the Misty Grove to the starting Inn, and the bug was there; but the bug was not present in the save right outside of Morvunskar. So I picked it up again from there. I tried doing everything the same, taking it one step at time, saving and running outside, seeing how the wildlife reacts, and then reloading my save to proceed. Unfortunately, I did everything the same and could NOT reproduce the bug. To make matters worse, after playing again without issue for quite awhile, I noticed the bug again when I noticed the spiders in Skuldafn (during the Main Quest, the dungeon immediately after Odahviing) just sat there refusing to attack me. I should have reloaded then, but I honestly didn't think it would affect spiders, so I assumed that it was different bug. Then, after returning to Skyrim, I noticed that the wolves, sabre cats, and bears just sit there. For spoiler reasons, I just can't reload; it took me way too long to get through it just to reload and do it again. I do really want to fix this. Granted I am sick of animals jumping me on my travels, but the materials from their pelts is essential for raising my crafting skill. It is actually really hard to get the materials without them being hostile. I have a theory that the game uses a command to "turn off" natural creature hostility during certain periods within quests like Misty Grove or when fighting Odahviing, and for some reason, with my mod configuration described above, it fails to turn on occasionally. Anybody have any ideas of console command I could try? It is just so frustrating because the bug persists despite loading the save in vanilla Skyrim (of course I don't save when testing) so the binary method doesn't work. Any advice is appreciated...
  6. Oh, I also have two (2) GeForce GTX 970 video cards in SLI. I have g-sync disabled and my frame rate capped at 58.6 through nvidia inspector. Yes, I have v-sync enabled through BethINI... any help would be appreciated! Does anybody know if overclocking could cause this? Like I said, I have minimal overclock to 3.9 ghz because I have high grade memory (G.Skill - Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1866) and in order to use is optimized timing requires an 11% overclock, at least according to AISuite... or maybe it has nothing to do with that.
  7. Okay this the second time I have tried to post this, so I am going to try to make things quick... As the title suggests, I am getting significant lag when resting. After choosing the amount of hours I want to rest, but before the hours start counting down, the game "hangs" for over 15 seconds. It also seems to happen during the auto-save after leaving the main menu, but strangely NOT the auto-save after entering a new area. Strange... Additionally, about 50% of the time I get like a 3 second lag when using AH Hotkeys to auto-cast spells. It happens in combat, out of combat, but when it does seem to work, it seems to not happen again for several minutes. What is strange is that I used the script lag benchmark and it was only a 0.05 second lag, so I don't know what the problem is. Oh, I am running Oldrim with a STEP Extended setup plus a handful of magic mods. I would post my load order, but I can't for the life of me find where to copy this from. I tried to copy it out of MO (from "Open list options..." --> "Export to csv..."), post after trying to post it my browser crashed. I have only 151 (decimal, 8F in hexadecimal) plugins, of which 143 are active. Also, I tried posting my report with CPU-Z, but again it crashed. However I have a i5-4690K 3.5 ghz processor, I am overclocking only to 3.9 ghz to match my memory settings, 16 gb ram, 64-bit Windows 10, a system drive SSD with 59.4 gb free out of 118 gb, and Skyrim Legendary Edition installed on 7200 rpm hard drive with 1.43 free out of 1.81 tb. If anybody could tell me where I easily copy this in a post-able format, I would definitely post it. Additionally, if someone could tell me how to post in a format that this forum will accept, I would appreciate it. I tried using <spoiler>/</spoiler> and like I said earlier, browser crash...
  8. I just wanted to let everyone that I figured out the issue. The problem is Disparity. If you don't choose a race or class with a bonus in Smithing, you start the game with a Smithing skill of 5. If you do the Blacksmithing tutorial quest from Alvor or Adrianne (others?), you will only be able to advance the quest to point where you construct an Iron Dagger; you will NOT be able to temper it. For some unknown reason, advancing the quest to this point (and NOT before), and then walking away because you can't temper the Iron Dagger, will cause Skeevers, Wolves, Mammoths, and maybe other creatures to not attack or become hostile unless attacked. This glitch is resolved if you raise you Smithing skill to 15 (through "player.setav smithing 15" in the console or fortify smithing potions, depending on your mod setup) and complete the quest. I did not test if just tempering the Iron Dagger would work, I went ahead and completed the quest entirely (and then used the console to restore my smithing score). I can confirm that this is the source of the glitch and resolvable through these means. I do not know if this would happen in vanilla Skyrim if you walk away before tempering the dagger, but will happen with a STEP Extended setup with the mods listed above. Interestingly, I looked in xEdit, the only mods affecting the quest are RDO, and have no idea how this is actually occurring with the way the record is setup.
  9. Yeah, I started a new game without changing my mod configuration using the coc whiterunexterior01 mentioned in your link. The effect did NOT persist... so I am starting a game and seeing what happens. I have only the mods mentioned above, so I have no idea what the culprit was... my only thought is that it could be Convenient Horse's update faction relations scripts when I was exploring the MCM menu for it. I am going to avoid triggering that this time.
  10. Unfortunately, when loading a save, it persists with no mods whatever... no this won't help. Again, I launched it through steam so whatever it is, it is baked into the save file... So I am really at a complete lose here!
  11. Ok... this is even weirder! Wolves actively run away from me! I have no idea what is going on... I don't use console commands (except to diagnose issues/then I reload to previous save), and my save size is 8991/340 (ess/skse) compared to my first save of 8041/54, so I doubt that it is save bloat... never mind that I have a powerful 3.5 ghz processor, 16 gb ram, and two geforce 970s... could it be convenient horses updating faction relations when I changed it to neutral and back to friendly? Any ideas would be appreciated!
  12. Everyone, I am having the strangest issue with my STEP Extended installation. For some reason, no animals are hostile to me, not skeevers, not wolves, not mammoths, and not even mud crabs… They will fight back if attacked, but they will not initiate combat. In fact, they seem to be "allied" to me, rushing to attack whatever is hostile. Now I know my way around an ESP/ESM file, and I can verify it is not the usual culprits. I did have blessing of Kyne active, but I dispelled it with a console command, and the glitch persisted. I have not been to High Hrothgar, and so I have not read any of the tablets. This is basically a new STEP Extended install with the following changes: UPGRADED clothing and clutter fixes to 2.0 (and accordingly removed appropriately attired Jarl's) Deadly dragons Deadly dragons script patch Narc (deadly dragons version) weapons and armor fixes (ADDED dragon mask priest fixes and ammunition fixes) Legible item descriptions for SkyUI REMOVED main font replacement Skygazer moons – Masser and Secunda Disparity EK_ringlimiter Jaxonz positioner Multiple floor sandboxing More dangerous traps AH Hotkeys No level item awards Mighty magick Skyrim Complete alchemy and cooking overhaul (and REMOVED the appropriate mods, such as claims drop pearls) Immersive College of Winterhold College of Winterhold entry requirements Better college application Mater smash (INSTEAD of bashed patch) 3 custom ESPs – one fixes incompatibilities between STEP mods only, one fixes incompatibilities between all mods below and including AH hotkeys between themselves and the STEP mods, and one fixes incompatibilities between all mods on this list and the STEP mods DynDOLOD – ADDED lanterns of Skyrim patch, HighHrothgarWindowGlow.esp, and checked FXglow, windows, high, and add fake lights to child a parent cells That's basically it; everything else power STEP extended to the "T." I have a suspicion that this issue has been around the entire game, as I have only fought with one wolf, and I'm not sure he was hostile before I attacked him. Other than that, every skeever I have fought has been idle before attacked (to be clear, by idle I mean not hostile; they do wonder about still). I have only been to Whiterun, the Barrows, and back. Finally, I have tried disabling my compatibility ESP's, all non-STEP mods, and even running Skyrim through steam alone, and therefore without any mods… and in all cases the glitch persists. I have not messed with any of the scripts or assets beyond following the STEP guidelines, making my compatibility ESP's, and sorting with LOOT. I am at a complete loss! Any advice is of course appreciated! Thank you for your time!
  13. Okay guys... please help! I haven't reinstalled notepad++ as x86 yet... However, I am now having another problem. I loaded the creation kit through MO as usual, but when I went to view a scripts properties from a mod in a spell record, it errs… This does not happen for mods that packed their assets loosely, only mods that use the BSA. What strange is that I have the corresponding ESP file loaded and set as the active file in the creation kit, so I assume it should be loading the BSA. Do I have to add every BSA into Skyrimeditor.ini manually? If so, this seems especially weird, because you do not need to do that with Skyrim itself… well at least when loaded through MO. I'm having so many problems, and I don't even know where to begin fixing them. Google seems to have many answers, but most are contrary and older than the current generation of tools. The funny party is that I think I have the edits I want to the scripts down, I just need to successfully compile them and get them into the appropriate mod folders… Any advice is appreciated…
  14. Hey everyone, I am a little over my head... Tech, to be honest, that setup guide you sent me in the CK wiki is very difficult to follow as is... the video was hard for me to follow physically (I'm disabled), but I could understand it. Could someone please give me an idea of how to set this up through MO? In the meantime I am going to try "editing externally" through CK, and if that doesn't work, reinstalling Notepad ++ and Papyrus ++ in x86 and use the Papyrus Compiler Patch for x64 Systems... wish me luck!
  15. I was avoiding it because MO2 doesn't manage archives like MO. Literally, that's the only reason...
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