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Some Random Questions Thread


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Hello STEP community! Audley here. I am starting this thread because I have some random questions I would like to ask, but most don't deserve their own thread. I am hoping this can help us get to know each other a bit more. :)


  1. Where do you get your wallpapers and avatars from? 
  2. Do you game on a monitor or T.V. and which is your preference? What is your resolution?
  3. TN or IPS (or other) panel? 
  4. What is your favorite emoticon? 
  5. Favorite Bethesda game quote? (...took an arrow to the knee)
  6. What do you call soda where you come from? Coke, pop, soda, etc. 
  7. What is your favorite anti-virus software?


Feel free to answer which ever questions you want. Now let me answer them: 


  1. I get all my wallpapers and avatars from Wallpaper Abyss. Best collection I've ever seen.
  2. Monitor always. 1920x1080.
  3. I switched to an IPS and will never look back.
  4. ^_^
  5. From Fallout: New Vegas: "Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter."
  6. We call everything coke where I am from. Regardless of what it actually is.
  7. Avira Anti-Virus is the best IMO with Avast as a runner up. 


Cheers guys! 


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Hi, Audley!  :pirate:


  1. All over the place. Don't have much on my desktop though so the lock screen is more important to me (gets shared to my Surface Pro via the Microsoft Account). WA looked like a cool place though. ^^
  2. Monitor, but I do have a console which is connected to my TV I guess.
  3. TN, but mostly just because I've had it for a long time.
  4. :turned: or .-.
  5. (FNV's not a Bethesda game ::P: ) "Wonderful! Time for a celebration... Cheese for everyone! Wait, scratch that. Cheese for no one. That can be just as much of a celebration, if you don't like cheese, true? You've run a maze like a good little rat. But no cheese for you yet. Well, maybe a little."
  6. Brus, haha.
  7. Windows Defender  :ninja:
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  1. All over the place. At the moment I have a bunch of "Republic of Gamers" wallpapers on rotation from Wallpaperswide.com.





Pre-cursor to Diabetes. :woot:  

Used to favour AVG but last few years I hav just relied on Windows in-built tools and see no reason to change.

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1. I don't use wallpapers. My computer background is plain black. (I know, boring... but it's easier on the eyes)
2. Asus monitor. 1920x1080.
3. IPS because of the great viewing angles and more accurate colors.
4. I rarely use these either but if I do is usually just a smiley face or :thumbsup:
5. ...
6. If it's from a fountain, soda. If it's from a bottle or can, pop.
7. MS Security Essentials. Seriously. It's lightweight and perfect for users that know what they're doing on the Net. For other users, Avast.

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1. I'm not really a big fan of wallpapers and haven't really looked for any wallpapers. I haven't found a good site for avatars.
2. Two 24-inch 1920x1200 monitors. I want three, but the third one won't fit on my desk.
3. IPS
4. I don't use emoticons often, but usually banging my head on a wall fits. :wallbash: Doh!
5. I used to be an adventurer like you until I took an arrow to the knee. Yeah, I'm pretty boring. :redface:
6. Coke or pop
7. Microsoft Security Essentials because it's very lightweight and adequate unless some nameless scammy antivirus apps.

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1) I have this one set for years at least. Don't even remember when I grabbed it : 



2) Not my preference, but I don't have much of a choice : Laptop's screen. I have a second monitor plugged in though.


3) I'll be honest here... I have no idea what this is about ^^


4)  :teehee:




6) Coca, simple as that.


7) Mmmh... I hate AV in general >_

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1. Wallpapers are from my personal photos, my dog mostly and I don't care for avatars. Old person here.

2. 27in GSync monitor TN plus two other 24in on main computer.

3. see 2

4. Old person, not much to care about.

5. Old person, can't remember them.

6. I don't drink soda that much.

7. Norton AV has served me well over the years.

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7. Norton AV has served me well over the years.

I just cringed a little bit. :sick: True stories...

  1. I've worked as a freelance computer repair guy off and on over the years. If there were ever viruses and/or spyware issues on a computer to the point that it was causing a lot of issue, one of two AVs was installed on the computer. McAfee or Norton. Seriously! From a tech's prospective those bloated AVs are simply junk. Avast has gotten a little bloated over the years too, but it's still one of the better ones.
  2. I also worked at Staples for a time as a Resident Tech. They ONLY push Norton AV because Staples gets an incentive in the form of $$$ with every copy of Norton they sell. I was required to offer it as a first option and tell the customer the "wonderful benefits" of the AV. Also, the Resident Techs are all idiots. Well, I should say that Staples makes them idiots because of not actually working on your computer when you drop it off. All they hook it up to a line and let someone remote in to fix it. Yep, about the only real repairs they do is replacing parts and spraying out the dust. Needless to say...I didn't work there long because everything I was required to do went against my better judgement or personal values. :teehee:
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  1. Microsoft Windows Themes (I only use Halo Reach theme and the default wallpaper on ALL computers).
  2. Both, depending on game. 16:10 usually; various res, max possible
  3. IPS
  4. O_o
  5. Certain vendors (Morrowind): "What's this about?"
  6. soda (I call it that: Illinois, USA) ... Illinois rednecks call it 'sodi', and some call it 'pop'
  7. ESET ... it's simply the best, hands down, numerous reasons. (agree with Tech about Norton and MaAfee ... total bloatware [add AVG to the bloatware list])
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  1. 99% of mine are either made myself or old things I found on some long forgotten website back in the Pliestocene era...

Monitor, Currently 1920 x 1080, but will go ro 1440p next build.


Don't really have one.

The classic arrow to the knee. Cant beat the classics.

Soft Drink or the catch all generic Coke.

Used to be Norton, but switched to Microsoft Security Essentials recently and find it more than adequate.

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