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BornAgain FO3 T51b Winterized PA Fix

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I have tried to follow the advice in the nexus post about editing the WinterizedT51b.esp to make the necessary changes instead of using the plugin from this mod (has advised in the guide) but I cannot seem to find the entries mentioned in the post in the esp.  Looking at the screenshot (see below) of the fix that Panzersharkcat posted, he is editing a merged esp and not the actual WinterizedT51b esp which doesn't seem to have the texture entries that his screenshot does, specifically TXST:01001F07 which I can only find in the Anchorage.esm.




Can anyone advise on how to perform the correct edits please?


Apologies if this as not been posted in the correct place, new to the the forums and my first post. :)


Many thanks.

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The fix mod completely replaces the Winterized T51B armor from the Anchorage DLC with the Bornagain T51b armor. The alternate fix shown in the FO3Edit picture just adds the glow map and environment map mask textures from the Bornagain T51b to eliminate the problem without completely replacing the original Anchorage DLC armor. The alternate fix uses a separate patch plugin that is created in FO3Edit; the author of the alternate fix uses a plugin containing multiple fixes (I have a similar manually created patch plugin).


The Winterized DX armor in the guide also replaces this armor, so if nothing is done there is not glow problem in Anchorage when using the guide. Using this fix does replace the Winterized T51 DX with the Bornagain T51.


The guide will be edited to make this somewhat clearer. 

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