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Keybinding Conflict - CASM and ENBoost



I have spotted a potential keybinding conflict between CASM (F4 - Autosave) and ENBoost (F4 - Flush VRAM).


I was getting heavy jerkiness and stuttering when turning at random but frequent intervals that seemed in some way tied with the saving frequencies of CASM. The jerkiness was so bad it was even showing up in the GPUTweak screen which I was running to help track it down. I was finding the GPU was ticking over at 1.4Gb out of 3Gb VRAM and utilisation at 22% to 25% but when the jerkiness triggered, the GPU utilisation would drop to practically zero for a few seconds then go back again. The in-game ENBoost FPS counter would normally be 60.0 but would slam down to under 10 for a couple of seconds before averaging back up to 60.0 again.


While checking my enblocal.ini settings I spotted the fact that KeyFreeVRAM was bound to F4 and as we know, CASM is also bound to F4.


The solution? Change the binding in enblocal.ini to something else since CASM is hard-coded with its compiled scripts.






Locate the [iNPUT] section and change KeyFreeVRAM=115 to KeyFreeVRAM=117


This will remap the flush from F4 to F6.

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