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Trashcan Carla gets a prize for...

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... the most annoying place to park your Brahmin in Sanctuary Hills.


So there I was, standing back to admire the five-shop illuminated boardwalk that I had just constructed over the facade of my old house in Sanctuary Hills, when Trashcan Carla shlumps into town with her Burpin' Brahmin Buddy. She lolls over to her spot opposite the building with the Workbench and lights up the first of her twenty-second cigarettes.


As she does so, three tons of beef climbs the steps into my boardwalk, staggers across the planks and parks its bloated backside right outside my central shop. It proceeds to bellow its (right) head off while lurching around trying to find the sunniest spot to work on its tan. Its legs give way a few times but it decides the view is better up there than down on the roadway. Despite providing it a Brahmin Trough down on the road, it is clearly happy where it is.


The only way round this oversized problem was to tear the whole blooming lot down and rebuild it fifty yards to the right on the next house over.


Bloody Brahmin!

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