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Fallout 4 : Bug with Spotlights and a Solution

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As I am sure many of you have spotted, there is a bug with Spotlight Turrets in Settlements that manifests when you Fast Travel. When you return to a Settlement, the Spotlights are dark even though they should be active and illuminated.


Steps to reproduce...


1. Place a Small Generator.

2. Place a Spotlight Turret.

3. Connect the two objects with a Wire.


The Spotlight will wake up and begin to traverse. It will illuminate and its small green light with show. The Settlement gains +2 DEF.


Now Fast Travel to a distant settlement (If testing at Sanctuary, Starlight Drive In is far enough). Now Fast Travel back.


Expected Result : The Spotlight should be active and illuminated. The Settlement should receive +2 DEF.


Actual Result : The Spotlight will be turning but will be dark. The main light and the small green indicator will be off. The Settlement is still receiving +2 DEF.


To fix, either pick up and replace the Spotlight or remove/replace the Wire.


The more elegant solution is to have a Switch Pylon near your Fast Travel point. Have the Generators feed the Switch Pylon first then disperse their power around the Settlement as usual. By flipping the Switch Pylon off and on you reset all the Spotlights. I suspect this may also reset other devices such as the Recruitment Beacon so perhaps have that in front of the switch if you want it to retain its on/off state.


I have reported this bug via the official Feedback tool.

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