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How to clean mods, especially FWE, with FO3Edit


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The guide has tagged FWE with Cleaning. How do I do this?


The guide mentions I have to look at LOOT. There some of FWE's esp's are marked for cleaning with FO3Edit. Is it the same process as cleaning the vanilla ESMs? I open FWE, load only one of the files to clean, apply filter for cleaning, remove identical to master records, undelete, exit, save and backup, repeat for all plugins?


Just asking to be sure! :)


Another mod, More Map Markers, is also tagged for cleaning. However, LOOT doesn't advice any cleaning. What do I do with this one in that case?

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Yes, cleaning mod plugins is the same as cleaning Bethesda ESMs, as described in the "Comment on Cleaning Mods with FO3Edit" section of the guide. I'll revise the section a little since LOOT doesn't have all the information about what needs to be cleaned. If in doubt clean the plugin; if it isn't dirty FO3Edit will let you know. The guide does include information on which plugins should not be cleaned.

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