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Plasma Rifle and Wasteland Patch Collection

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Instructions are to remove PlasmaRifleAwesomefied.esp , however the The Wasteland Patch Collection  has (TWPC) PRA-FWE Patch.esp - Fixes compatibility issues between Plasma Rifle Awesomefied and FWE FO3 Wanderers Edition. Edits 2 Projectile and 2 Weapon records to try and keep the stats more or less in line with FWE.


I dunno if this esp is needed since it seems to be only balance related, however it requires the PlasmaRifleAwesomefied.esp to work, so maybe if its not needed you could mention either in Plasma Rifle Awesomefied or The Wasteland Patch Collection to avoid installing this esp.


Plasma Rifles Awesomefied

  • Author: MadCat221
  • Version: v2.01a
  • Fallout NV EquivalentPlasma Rifles Awesomefied, FO3 mod ported to FNV.
  • Installation: Install the main file with MO. The mod includes two plugins and only one should be used. After installation double click the mod in the left pane of MO and select the Optional ESPs tab. Move PlasmaRifleAwesomefied.esp to Optional esps. This leavesPlasmaRifleAwesomefiedWMK.esp to be used in the game.

This mod improves the appearance and sounds of the plasma rifle.

Edited by Himself
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The full set of patches in the main patch file of the Wasteland Patch Collection isn't part of the guide yet. When I understand how to best use this set of patches I expect to add the full set of patches to the guide. Patches that don't change FormIDs or LeveledLists are fine, and can be loaded after the bashed patch. The Wasteland Patch Collection assumes the base PlasmaRifleAwesomefied.esp plugin is used, so its associated patch isn't compatible with the current guide.

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I went through the Wasteland Patch Collection and added instructions in the guide for installing the relevant patches. The patches in this mod, especially the large patch for this guide, can simplify a lot of compatibility issues especially if the most popular optional mods are used.

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