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Real names (by Nellshini)


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This mod improve immersion by giving everyine a name included Dragons if wanted.

It create consistency and make your skyrim story more interesting.


I think this maybe could be an interesting mod for STEP extended


Info from mod page:


  • Automatically gives names to generic characters.
  • Names are lore-friendly, and appropriate for race and gender.
  • Can preserve the NPCs original name as title in brackets (example: "Whiterun Guard" becomes "Menrig [Whiterun Guard]").
  • Can refresh the displayed name as soon as it's generated. If this causes stutter, please disable the feature in the MCM.
  • Even names dragons! A more complex naming system is in the works to account for the exact type of dragon it is naming.
  • Don't like someone's name? Just walk up to them and tap the Assign Name hotkey.


  • Fully compatible with DLC and 3rd party mods.
  • No known conflicts with any other mod. Any load order works.
  • Adds no scripts to objects and uninstalls cleanly.


This mod:



MCM menu:


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So, as both mods say "no known conflicts with other mods", are they safe to use together? So that everyone is a stranger to me until I talk to him (respectively try to talk to him in the case of non dialogue NPCs)? And then they all get immersive names?

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caps easy fix? Probably, but the corpses man, unforgivable.


I actually had this issue when tried using the recommended "people are strangers" mod with the no text option along with this one, and it didn't even work, everyones name showed from the jump.


Edit: I installed people are strangers incorrectly, ignore previous statement

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I'm gonna try Real Names with Anonymous People soon and I'll have a special look on corpses, I'll let you know then. But for now its first time to crush my few remaining fps with landscape and grass mods...



Thumbs up for pot smokin Arnold after the '75 Mr. Olympia taken from Pumping Iron  :cool:

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Its from one of the newer Simpsons episodes that I don't really like. To be exact its the Mad Max/Fallout-ish one (S23E14) where the Simpsons are banned from Springfield and join an outlaw society. Homer of course builds his personal jet quad and this is what happens when you build a jet quad...




I probably wasn't sober but when I saw this I almost pissed myself... :woot:

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