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  1. Sorry I mistook Simple Magic Rebalance for another mod akin to Better Magic that, too, was not available for SE.
  2. I have avoided this mod as I specifically didn't want a hundred new spells mod. I was looking for something along the lines of Simple Magic Rebalance or Better Magic for a 'Vanilla plus' experience.
  3. There definitely used to be a sort of merge mods functionality in WB. As far as I know, they dropped it once the ESL tech rolled out. But seriously, I dropped WB in favour of MO2 and never looked back. The whole virtual file system bit is phenomenal (compass to WB's terrible waiting times whenever you tweak your BAIN modules).
  4. I wonder why there is not a single mod that improves the magic aspect of the game the way, say, CACO or CCOR improve their respective spheres? Is it simply because there is none (mindful of the STEP mandate, I am not talking about overhauls with tens of new perks and hundreds of new spells)?
  5. Guys, given that there are now three 'max tile size' settings (LOD, full, and billboard) in texgen and dyndolod where at the time of the STEP guide was only one, which new values for LOD, full, and billboard max tile size would you suggest to match the guide's previous recommended settings?
  6. Hi guys! I wonder what's the general opinion on adding mods mid-playthrough - that is, changing the load order/? I often read that you should never ever change a mod's position in load order midgame (which, I suppose, is inevitable unless you place the mod dead last), but I didn't care to research the logic behind it. Is it applicable to all mod types, or are the specific mod types that are sensitive to this?
  7. Did anyone have any luck with mods that decrease the amount loot/freebies lying around (like food), e.g. Scarcity, Poverty (ex You Hunger), LORA etc? I'm looking for some answers as to how they're going to interact with major overhaul mods like CACO and so on xEdit-wise. And no, 'just make a Bashed patch' doesn't quite cut it.
  8. Well, the result is only marginally better. Especially since this alt texture doesn't seem to affect snowy tree trunks. The branches look darker, but the white trunk against the dark background looks just as out of place. Might I suggest including a darker alt trunk texture, too? Especially if it's even darker closer to the ground.
  9. Will I have to re-generate only the tree LOD or the previous texgen stages, too?
  10. Curiously, the issue disappeared after restarting MO2 or some other trivial action. Thanks anyway!
  11. Yes, it's that kind of thread again :) I wanted to make sure that what I'm getting with a STEP+ setup is what it should look like. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2312407736 It looks to me that the snowy fir-trees on the left (up on the Throat of the World above my character's head) are far brighter than they should be. That is, the seemingly same model look OK against the snow background on the right side, but against the bare slopes it looks out of place. Is that me, or is it the limitation of the game's engine or something?
  12. Hi guys, I have finally decided to give the Special Edition a try. I had been a somewhat advanced user of the LE version, though. But this is something I've never encountered (see the last line in xEdit): Why is a mod semi-enabled? This particular version of Hunterborn comes from Hazado's offshoot of the mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17993 The original version works OK.
  13. Try checking whether your GPU's temperature. I used to have artifacts like these through overheating.
  14. Sure! Thank you for suggesting it! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hfbx6iIUeKtbnOXzWHNLPHXKJz33alM6 This isn't the latest and biggest of them all, but it is definitely going in that direction. I chose it because shortly thereafter I made the only clean save + update of a mod I attempted (Frostfall) and I didn't want it to contaminate the picture.
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