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Doubt - Holster animations and models

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The guide does not specify if both (1H and 2H packages) can be used/installed/work at the same time.


Holster animations and models

  • Author: Kenkuro
  • Version: v1.2.0
  • Notes: This mod will add animations for using holsters.
  • Installation: Get the "1HM-wastelander" main file (or another main file if preferred) and the update to v1.2. Install the main file with MO, then install the update using [Merge].



Also just a bit above this part in the guide there were instructions about all Robco esps that must be moved to optional or deleted, however the guide didn't tell that later on we would get a different omnipatch that replaces all of those, it would be nice to mention just to avoid confusion with the readme/intructions of the mod in its nexus main page.

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Additionally, the link to this FO3 Pack doesnt seem to work, I get an "invalid or deleted file" error page from mediafire.


FO3 Pack
  • Author: by MadAce, KaneWright
  • Version: 1.2.3 (Sept. 18, 2015)
  • Notes: This mod changes the collision meshes of many game static items, making them much smaller. This is an inital FO3 version mod combining and integrating changes from both mod authors
  • Fallout NV EquivalentCollision Meshes; similar mod by first author, additional FNV meshes by KaneWright are available at Additional FNV Collison Meshes
  • Installation: Get main file and install with MO.
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