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MO removing mesh and texture folders from F:NV root folder



After searching through the forums, and practicing the ancient art of google-fu, I haven't come up with an answer. I was using EssArrBee's Fallout: New Vegas install wiki (located here), and while I am positive I followed it to a T, things never really worked right. Archive Invalidation Invalidated never worked, and as a result, there were numerous red diamond/exclamation flags in the game that I learned to ignore. Furthermore, upon careful examination of the Fallout root folder (i.e., finally got sick of it), I noticed that there were missing folders: Textures and Meshes, and that MO had replaced them with .bsa files (labled Textures 1 and Textures 2, conveniently enough). As soon as I located the texture and mesh folders in the MO folder, and put them back in the root folder, voila! Bye bye red flags, and hello Archive Invalidation Invalidated. However, a new, custom body still never worked (I was going for the T6M) and had a weird colorless look with the "shadow panties" over the lower bits. Archive Invalidation never really took care of this.

Now, I am reinstalling again fresh, per the wiki (one...more...bloody...time! lol). Does someone have experience working with this wiki who can tell me what to be careful of when following this so I don't have this problem of missing texture and mesh folders again? It really is rather difficult to follow when you're kinda dumb like me, but I'm persistent. I use MO with Skyrim all the time and never have these problems...

For the record, I probably shouldn't be able to run any of these games as I'm rocking an i5-3230M with integrated Intel HD-4000 graphics, 4GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, and Windows 7 Pro. Yet, I manage around 80 or so mods on Skyrim without generating much heat.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. EssArrBee, if you read this, please, please, please include screen shots of how the folders should look every couple of steps! It would make it so much easier to understand!

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MO is not, nor can it, replacing your folders of meshes/textures with *.bsa files.

When you install the game those files are already installed as default, or 'vanilla', and everytime you mod your game with new textures the new files, whether they are loose or inside a bsa will override the vanilla.


What you are describing sounds like a case of poor conflict resolution! ie. the mods installed in MO's left-hand pane are not in an order that provides the needed assets for the plugin order, hence the missing assets symbol: red exclamation.


Acquaint yourself with MO's wiki and the video tutorials and follow the order of mod installation as it is presented in the guide. If you encounter any further issues ask in the dedicated F&L:NV forum here in STEP.

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