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Virtual Reality - Yay or Nay? [ESRB PEGI 18]

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Jokes aside, he is rubbing against a muscular man.


Anyone excited for VR? Anyone buying into it next year? 


It's most likely going to be another Kinect in my opinion. 


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VR is inherently limited in my opinion.

It would be cool for some genres of games, like racing or horror but for FPS its not going to work very well.


As for the porn, "why?" is the only question that is necessary. 

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On a more serious note, I'll check out VR after I finally check out 3d glasses.


Maybe that wasn't serious.  :woot:

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It will depend entirely on the content people put out there. I think it could be fun, but only if it feels right. Definitely a try before you buy type product.

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Some people apparently move their eyes around, then complain that most of their vision is cut off. It will obviously take some getting used to, turning your head, but keeping your eyes straight.


3D glasses W? Well I know it's sarcasm, but they make my eyes burn after 10 minutes. The proper ones, not the crappy cinema ones.


Pervy sexual content/Indies on PC will keep it alive, but console VR won't have that, and it certainly doesn't have as much power Neo. Coupled with the price, I can't see it taking off, alt least straight away.


Edit: Summer Lesson:



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Hmmm VR... closed platforms, limited distribution models..... I am sure the porn industry is getting all wet.... so to speak. 


Semi joke aside.... ofc. it is going to go to that use, only a naive person would believe otherwise. It is going to be a thing, the main question is if it is going to be more than a niche area for years to come still. 

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I'll be definitely getting a set. I've had a chance to play a bit of Elite Dangerous on the current Oculus Rift incarnation and it's a jawdropping experience. It really is amazing. I won't even try to describe it, as it's not really possible without trying it on, but look around you NOW and imagine you're surrounded by the HD quality computer graphics... If it's going to cost around 200-300 GBP, I don't think it's a bad deal, even if it only be usable for some games. Hell, I'd buy it for use with ED only :) 


It's already being used to deliver a 3D sport spectator experience etc. In-home VIP seats? It's already happening. I know that some companies already work on movies in VR technology where you, as a viewer, are "inside" the movie and you can look around the whole scene. A subtle techniques are used to divert your attention where it's needed at times, but otherwise you're just free to look around freely.


I think it'll be the future of entertainment, but there is a chance that it'll end up like the 3D technology...

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