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Problems and suggestions - Any input appreciated

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Hi there, firstly i would like to thank both Kelmych and SRB for their guides and everyone who contributed to them. It was no small undertaking to write them and indeed to keep them updated so i really appreciate it guys.
On to the issues i have been having, firstly my specs are as follows: I7 4790k, MSI GTX 980 Gaming edition and 16GB ram so (hopefully?) none of these should be related to not having enough PC.
I suffered from the same problem many people on here seem to have in that with the full guide installed my gaem went crazy upon leaving the vault resulting in missing meshes, textures not loading or going completely black or changing to other textures and crashes galore but easing back on the plugins (currently around 185 after bashed patch) seems to have fixed that. I found this very odd though as i never had the problem before but did have it in FNV after follwoing SRBs guide even though i kept under 135 plugins on that game. I didn't know what caused it then though and ended up forgetting about NV and moving on to FO3 which is my favourite game anyway. I just wonder why my rig can't handle all the plugins when some other people's can?
I still have a problem with textures indoors changing from more detailed to less in the space of a few feet and floor textures flickering between two types. I ahve only tested this in Megaton but for example in Craterside Supply the texture under the workbench changes from newspaper to metal panelling even when very close to it, is this a vanilla bug or have i done soemthing wrong? I have archive invalidation acive under MO so it cant be that i assume.


I am also not sure what to do with the Wasteland Patch Collection anymore as it now has many, many patches for a number of mods in the guide but is still being updated. For now is it best to simply use the DIFF-FWE-UUF3P patch and ignore the others until the mod author is finished? I noticed from the mod discussion page that he is working on a patch for this guide and its mods which is great news but would this eventually replace all the other compatiibility patches or will we still need all/some of them? Sorry i understand that you may not be able to answer all of this yet until the patches are out.


Finally, a few suggestions from my own experience would be that the green tint remover plugin from dynamic weather gets merged into the bashed patch but this causes problems with the tint being removed in some spots but reapplying in most others (this was whilst in Maegaton) and so i applied a no merge tag in wrye flash and leaving it out of the bashed patch fixed this, i'm not sure if this is an issue for other people though.


The We Want More mod crashed my game when recruiting Jericho and accepting the Hobo Killer quest (the mod author acknowledges this quest is bugged) and the quests from that in general seem to break immersion with the jarring change in voice actor but that is obviously a personal preference and i have not tested extensively i just removed it because of the crash.


With regard to the companion mods section there is reference to Willow being a good companion but i think this is referencing the NV companion. I would highly recommend Brisa Almodovar for this section as it is an excellent, highly polished mod by RickerHK.


I would also highly recommend Remote Control Companions Plus as a follower control mod as you can use it for any companions, even ones added by mods, by simply setting the NPC to the player team.


Once agin thanks for the guide and thanks for any input/help that anyone can give me.


EDIT: I am also currently having an issue with Jericho's chinese assault rifle not showing up. He has the ammo and his nail board but no rifle. Sorry if any of this is posted in the wrong place!

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When you exit the vault the first time the game engine gets very busy since there this is first time it sees the wasteland. I've been playing lately with an alternate start location so I haven't had the exact same problem, but I remember the game engine being very busy when exiting the vault. The engine isn't especially stable, and it's possible that that the memory usage is too high during this initialization period. One possibility for reducing the load on the game engine is to temporarily turn off the texture/mesh only mods being used (vs. those with a plugin or with other resources). They can then be re-enabled a short time later when the game engine seems to have finished its initialization. I haven't done this myself because of using the alternate start, but perhaps this will reduce the initial loading enough that it can start without overwhelming the game engine. I suggest the non-plugin mods because disabling and enabling the texture/mesh only mods shouldn't typically cause any long term problems with the game.


I'll make some changes to the guide based on your other comments. Thanks.


Only the DIFF patch in Wasteland Patch Collection is needed if only the mods in the guide are used. If you use Impact it might be affecting the Jericho rifle. In LOOT have Impact load before the FWE Main esp plugin.

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Hey Kelmych, I cam back to edit my post and saw you had just replied so i'm glad I caught you as I wanted to say the green tint remover plugin issue was not a problem in so far as being merged it simply needs to be lower in the load order than loot puts it. I put all the weather esps at the bottom of the load order with green tint remover last and then bashed and even when included in the bashed patch this way it seems to work now. Sorry if I caused any confusion with that.


I will try what you said with regard to Impact and load order.


The issue I had upon exiting the vault also occurred when I tried an alternate start as an enclave refugee but I didn't test it with other alt starts. Everything seems to be fine for now though by reducing plugins I didn't really need anyway so i'm happy with that.


The only issues I'm having now are the texture changing in megaton and other indoor areas (some Jet containers seem to do it too and change texture to whatever I am pointing at and I c can't pick them up it's like they are different static objects to the ones I can pick up and use?), ironsights won't work when aiming assault rifles but goes into ads when firing and I can't fix it even by moving all ironsights patches to the bottom of my load order, the sky seems too bright with a huge orange glow around the sun and 'banding' in the sky with darker and lighter areas and black bars on Roberts male bodies despite me making sure nothing overwrites it as you said.


The only ironsights patches I have are the Assaultrifle_replacers_WMK+RH+FWE.esp, Blackened RH + FWE + EVE.esp, RH_WMK_Bridge.esp and 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn xCALIBRized + RHIron.esp does that sound right? To be honest if I could sort out the Roberts mod and ironsights I can live with the rest.


Finally I know you want some suggestions for texture/mesh mods and I would recommend Bedtime by Quoter1 as it makes the beds look like you could actually sleep in them instead of dragging them outside and burning them for the lice ridden horrors they appear to be. I also like 'Can has recoil' by mamelukturbo MMMZ but that's a feature/gameplay mod so you might not want to add it. I'm going to report back with any more I find though obviously you might not like any of them!


Thanks a lot for your help mate.


EDIT: Sorry i forgot to say i also use Distributed Necklaces and Chainsby by Arkngt instead of Exeter's neck chains as it adds more variety and unlike the FNV guide mod (if i remember rightly) it gives males and females appropriate chains instead of males ending up with pearls which just looked odd to me. I recommend to install the Males and Females version obviously. Hope this is ok here or should all mod suggestions go in general feedback?


EDIT 2: I used fo3edit to fix the ironsights as per your reply on the support pages and simply removing dontuse1stpersonISanimations from the bashed patch worked for the Chinese assault rifle so I am going to do the same for the rest. Thanks Kelmych.

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