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Grenade Rifle wrong texture



I just started messing around making sure everything is working in game and I came across a messed up texture on the grenade rifle.  I followed the Do You Feel Lucky section to a T.  I checked to make sure none of my archives were corrupt with 7zip and nothing turned up wrong.  I also reactivated the wmx wrp plugin like the guide said to do.  Also to note when I drop it on the ground it looks fine with the normal texture.



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Something is overriding the UV maps of the mesh that WRP covers. This means the actual texture is most likely still the WRP one, but the UV maps are not correct so it displays wrong in-game. So what I would look for is a mod or file that is overriding the mesh of the grenade rifle. It's tricky to get everything working properly because WMX overrides WRP's custom UV maps and then the WMX WRP assets are designed to revert the changes to specific weapons that WMX makes to WRP. If you could take a picture of your MO left-hand panel with the area of weapon mods so I could see which mod might possibly be the culprit. Or if you have something misplaced. 

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