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  1. I've been installing STEP Extended and have been having an issue with a extremely bright worldspace that I've seemed to track down to this mod. I went through the standard steps of going through my mod list one by one until I found the issue which appeared when I activated this mod. The problem is everything is bright and washed out especially when I look towards the sky. My in game brightness is the default I don't usually mess with those things. I've attached screenshots in this post with the hopes that will help find a solution. Bright Worldspace https://imgur.com/a/N0AYn Not Bright Worldspace https://imgur.com/a/1RNh2
  2. Okay I'll mess around with my drivers and driver settings and see what works and report back.
  3. I know you can't give exact specifics but what do you recommend checking?
  4. As the title states I think LAA has been broken in the latest Windows 10 creator update. Before the update I got 60-50 fps depending on the area now I get 40-30 fps no matter where I am. I also have gotten some stuttering thrown into the mix too. I have no idea what the problem is I've gone through my mods and disable all of the then slowly re-enabled them one at a time but nothing changed. If anyone has any ideas of what is happening I would be grateful. I've attached my load order, mod list, and plugins as attachments. If you need more info pls let me know loadorder.txt modlist.txt plugins.txt
  5. I've been wanted to use this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56314/? instead of the other heavy weapon texture replacer. In the comments there was a mod version of the wmx patch that didn't require a .bat file but the dropbox for that has expired. I'd like to know how to use IHWT along with the WMX patch which is a .bat file on Mod Organizer.
  6. I figured out what was wrong! I installed WMX DLC after WMX WRP causing the broken textures. Sorry for being a goof :)
  7. I recently started up a new game with F&L and ran across an issue with the police pistol. The textures are broken but I spawned in all other available weapons and they didn't have issues except for the project nevada homemade weapons which cant be fixed. Archive invalidation is also enabled and all of this was on a new clean save. https://imgur.com/a/aHEv2 (screenshots of the police pistol) any and all help is appreciated!
  8. Hi I'm having the same issue as you have you found a fix or still looking?
  9. I guess I should of said that after step I added some mods sorry about that. It's deactivated now.
  10. Update the game will not CTD on rare occasion. I was seeing if it was some windowed mode stuff I was running. OneTweak will crash, regular windowed mode will crash, Non-windowed mode will crash, and ENB False windowed mode is 70/30 in favor of crashing.
  11. No I've run TES5Edit, LOOT, and looked at the warning stuff in MO nothing is being shown as an error.
  12. I've followed the STEP Guide completely and only applied STEP ini tweaks. Yesterday my game was running fine I was testing things in a new game and today when I went to log on it CTD once I get to the main Skyrim screen. I use MO and I have a GTX 760, 8gb of ram, a i5, and Win10. Everything else is attached as a file. If you need to know anything else let me know. plugins.txt modlist.txt loadorder.txt archives.txt
  13. The issue was I'm not using the integrated pop and the wmx pop plugin was in the optional section of wmx. Sorry for the inconvience
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