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I just started a new playthrough.  I usually don't even get past walking outside Doc Mitchell's and checking FPS.  Most of my time is spent modding the game rather than actually playing it.  I decided to finally play it...  So I talked to Sunny Smiles and she gave me a varmint rifle to assist her in hunting geckos.  I set up, looked through my iron sights (set to right mouse button) and shot 2 geckos.  After shooting them I release the right mouse button but remain in iron sights.  I walk slow and cannot run.  I try to put away my weapon (ready weapon set to 'R') and cannot.  Does anyone know what might be causing this bug to occur, and how to fix it?

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I figured out that this has to do with the Cinematic Killcam Mode.  I haven't got the Player View Killcam Mode to fire off so I don't know if that causes issues too, but I'm sure setting the Killcam Mode to Off will definitely prevent the irion sights issue from happening.  I'm leaving mine set to Player View for now until I run into issues.

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