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The Legendary Snow City Of Windhelm (RobaDop)


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Mod at nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58829

Mod Description:
"Although much of Skyrim is cold and unforgiving,
Windhelm is the snowiest city in the province"

"Windhelm is the oldest city in Skyrim and may be the oldest human city on the continent"


 The Legendary Snow City Of Windhelm Mod allows the snow from the
surrounding mountains to settle on the city below.
This mod allows the snow to fall directly on the ground and on places that didn't have snow in the vanilla game like Tombstones, Valunstrad (Eagle Fences), Stairs, Dock and the surrounding area, boxes,scones,rugs and the whole Windhelm Bridge.


Pretty much the description above and thepicture at the botton of mod page (Bethesda artwork from Windhelm) says it all.

It adds a lot to Windhelm visually. Needs heavy cleaning with Tes5Edit as there is undeleted stuff and identical to master but I believe it's worth it!

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Thanks for the video.

The mod could use some improvements, like the bridge has snow on the rooms under it and the braziers with fire also have snow, but it does look more close to the original artwork than vanilla where there is almost no snow, specially since the city is so empty and ancient. Its in development still, maybe we can ask the author for some tweaks like those I mentioned.

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